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Officials Forms

MotorSport New Zealand encourages you to complete all Technical Applications through MotorSport Online but understand that PDF forms may be needed from time to time.

Below you can find all the Technical forms, please ensure you complete these fully and carefully to ensure your application is processed timely and you don’t incur additional time costs.

If you require assistance with any Technical Applications or forms, please contact the MotorSport New Zealand Technical Department.

Accident & Medical Forms
Event Forms
FormPDFWordLast updated
E001Permit ApplicationPermit ApplicationJan-21
E002Event Cancellation or PostponementEvent Cancellation or PostponementJan-21
E006Record AttemptRecord AttemptJan-21
E007Road Bond DocumentRoad Bond DocumentJan-21
E008Bulletin TemplateBulletin TemplateJan-21
E010aEntry Form Template ClubSportEntry Form Template ClubSportJun-21
E010bEntry Form -National/InternationalEntry Form -National/InternationalApr-21
E010cEntry Form - Civil Driver Licence Suspension DeclarationEntry Form - Civil Driver Licence Suspension DeclarationApr-21
E011Acceptance of EntryAcceptance of EntryJan-21
E012aSign On Sheet- CompetitorsSign On Sheet- CompetitorsJan-21
E012bSign On Sheet- OfficialsSign On Sheet- OfficialsJun-21
E013Meeting Rides Passenger Declaration and IndemnityN/AJul-21
E014Stewards ReportStewards ReportJan-24
E015Stewards Meeting Agenda TemplatesStewards Meeting Agenda TemplatesJan-21
E015AStewards Rally Meeting Agenda Stewards Rally Meeting AgendaSep-23
E015BStewards Race Meeting AgendaStewards Race Meeting AgendaSep-23
E016Certificate of Appointment TemplateCertificate of Appointment TemplateJan-21
E018CotC Event Presentation TemplateCotC Event Presentation TemplateJan-21
E019Memo to the Clerk of the CourseMemo to the Clerk of the CourseJul-21
E021CRO Inquiry RegisterCRO Inquiry RegisterJan-21
E022aRace Inquiry FormN/AMay-23
E022bRally Inquiry FormN/AMay-23
E023Time Penalty LogTime Penalty LogJan-21
E024Competition Number Non Compliance NoticeCompetition Number Non Compliance NoticeJan-21
E025Alcohol Testing FormAlcohol Testing FormJan-21
E026Memo to the StewardsMemo to the StewardsMar-23
Media Sign-onMedia Sign-on FormN/AJul-22
Judicial Forms
Officials Forms
Officials Forms
ClubSport Forms
FormPDFWordLast Updated
CSport001ClubSport Event ChecklistsClubSport Event ChecklistsJan-21
CSport002aDriver-Passenger Ride DeclarationDriver-Passenger Ride DeclarationJun-21
CSport002bEvent Passenger DeclarationEvent Passenger DeclarationJun-21
CSport002c Underage Indemnity Declaration Underage Indemnity DeclarationApr-23
CSport003Supplementary Regs Template ClubsportSupplementary Regs Template ClubsportJan-21
CSport004Clearance Certificate- ClubSportClearance Certificate- ClubSportJan-21
CSport005Safety Plan Template- AutocrossSafety Plan Template- AutocrossJan-21
CSport006Safety Plan Sample- AutocrossSafety Plan Sample- AutocrossJan-21
CSport007Safety Plan Template- Hillclimb and SprintsSafety Plan Template- Hillclimb and SprintsJan-21
CSport008Safety Plan Sample- Hillclimb and SprintsSafety Plan Sample- Hillclimb and SprintsJan-21
CSport009Safety Plan Template- Street Sprint and Grass TrackSafety Plan Template- Street Sprint and Grass TrackJan-21
CSport010Safety Plan Sample- Street Sprint and Grass TrackSafety Plan Sample- Street Sprint and Grass TrackJan-21
CSport011Clearance Certificate- Sporting TrialsClearance Certificate- Sporting TrialsJan-21
CSport012Entry Form Template- Sporting TrialsEntry Form Template- Sporting TrialsJan-21
CSport013Audit Compliance- Sporting TrialsAudit Compliance- Sporting TrialsJan-21
CSport014Clearance Certificate- TrialsClearance Certificate- TrialsJan-21
CSport015Entry Form Template- TrialsEntry Form Template- TrialsJan-21
CSport016Route and Speed Schedule- TrialsRoute and Speed Schedule- TrialsJan-21
E10aEntry Form Template ClubSportEntry Form Template ClubSportJan-21
E005aParticipation Levy Declaration - ClubSportParticipation Levy Declaration - ClubSportJan-24
E017CClerk of the Course Report - ClubSportClerk of the Course Report - ClubSportJan-24
CSport017ClubSport Championship PackN/AAug-23
CSport018Hillclimb Championship Information PackN/AAug-23
Rally Forms
FormPDFWordLast updated
Rally001aRally Template - Supplementary RegulationsRally Template - Supplementary RegulationsJan-21
Rally001bRally Template - Safety PlanRally Template - Safety PlanMar-21
Rally002Rally Log TemplatesRally Log Templates (Excel)Jan-21
Rally003Officials Information PacksOfficials Information PacksJan-21
Rally004Rally Safety PamphletRally Safety PamphletJan-21
Rally005Safety BrochureSafety BrochureJan-21
Rally006Competitor Inf Booklet Proposed HeadingsCompetitor Inf Booklet Proposed HeadingsJan-21
Rally007New Competitor Briefing TemplateNew Competitor Briefing TemplateJan-21
Rally008Notification of Temp WithdrawalNotification of Temp WithdrawalJan-21
Rally009Notification of Rejoining RallyNotification of Rejoining RallyJan-21
Rally010Notification of Withdrawal from RallyNotification of Withdrawal from RallyJan-21
Rally011TimecardTimecard (Excel)Jan-21
Rally012S S Times to HQS S Times to HQJan-21
Rally013Rally HQ Emergency Information FormRally HQ Emergency Information FormJan-21
Rally014Radio Message FormRadio Message FormJan-21
Rally015Control LayoutsControl LayoutsJan-21
Rally017Laminated Road Closure Notice TemplateLaminated Road Closure Notice TemplateJan-21
Rally018Example Report of CompetitionExample Report of CompetitionJan-21
Rally019Control Group A CotC TimetableControl Group A CotC TimetableJan-21
Rally020Itinerary Layout TemplateItinerary Layout TemplateJan-21
Rally021Medical Block & Safety Marshal Schedule TemplateMedical Block & Safety Marshal Schedule TemplateJan-21
Rally022Official Bulletin Signing sheetsOfficial Bulletin Signing sheetsJan-21
Rally023Criss Cross Sheet-Car NumbersCriss Cross Sheet-Car NumbersJan-21
Rally024Criss Cross Sheet- Start OrdersCriss Cross Sheet- Start OrdersJan-21
Rally025RallySafe Fault FormRallySafe Fault FormJan-21
Rally026Safety Car Clearance CertificateSafety Car Clearance CertificateJan-21
Rally027Checkers Clearance Cert Rallies & RallysprintsCheckers Clearance Cert Rallies & RallysprintsJan-21
Rally028Safety Clearance Certificate for Rallies & RallysprintSafety Clearance Certificate for Rallies & RallysprintJan-21
Rally029Rally Novice Briefing SampleRally Novice Briefing SampleOct-23
Rally030Certificate of Appointment TemplateCertificate of Appointment TemplateAug-21
Rally031CRO Rally Communications LogCRO Rally Communications LogSep-22
Rally032Competitor & Service Crew Incident FormMay-23
MRY205-Injury Accident Information Injury Accident InformationJan-16
E005cParticipation Levy Declaration - RallyParticipation Levy Declaration - RallyJan-24
E010bEntry Form -National/InternationalEntry Form -National/InternationalApr-21
E017AClerk of the Course Report - RallyClerk of the Course Report - RallyJan-24
E022bRally Inquiry FormMay-23
Race Forms
FormPDFWordLast updated
Race001Schedule of documents and informationSchedule of documents and informationJan-21
Race002Race Driver's Briefing Check ListRace Driver's Briefing Check ListJan-21
Race002ANew Drivers Briefing ChecklistNew Drivers Briefing ChecklistMay-23
Race003Noise Level WarningNoise Level WarningJan-21
Race004Time Breakout NotificationTime Breakout NotificationJan-21
Race005Race Control LogRace Control LogJan-21
Race006Supplementary Regs Part One TemplateFeb-21
Race007Supplementary Regs Part Two TemplateMay-24
Race008Supplementary Regs Part 1 & 2 templateSupplementary Regs Part 1 & 2 templateJan-21
Race010Race Budget FormRace Budget FormJan-21
Race013Temp Venue Event Safety plan templateTemp Venue Event Safety plan templateJan-21
Race014Clearance Certificate- RaceClearance Certificate- RaceJan-21
E004Clubman's Race Series ApplicationClubman's Race Series ApplicationJan-21
E005bParticipation Levy Declaration - RaceParticipation Levy Declaration - RaceJan-24
E010bEntry Form -National/InternationalEntry Form -National/InternationalApr-21
E017BClerk of the Course Report - RaceClerk of the Course Report - RaceJan-24
E022aRace Inquiry FormMay-23
CRO004Circuit Maps - ALLMay-23
CRO004aHampton Downs International Circuit MapMay-23
CRO004bHampton Downs National Circuit MapMay-23
CRO004cTaupo Circuit MapMay-23
CRO004dManfeild Circuit MapMay-23
CRO004eRuapuna Circuit MapMay-23
CRO004fLevels Circuit MapMay-23
CRO004gTeretonga Circuit MapMay-23
CRO004hHighlands Circuit MapMay-23