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Rally Champions

The New Zealand Rally Championship (NZRC) is New Zealand’s Leading rallying championship. A multi-event national championship has been held each year since 1975. Today the championship is held for a variety of classes based on engine capacity and further split by four or two wheel drive. The top class for a number of years has been the CAT1 class, featuring R5, NR4, and AP4 cars.

The New Zealand Rally Championship has been a launching pad for the career of many New Zealand drivers. Rod Millen and Possum Bourne being the most notable. Recently Hayden Paddon has used the series as a springboard to international competition, competing in the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship before moving on to the Production, Super 2000 World Rally Championship, and World Rally Championships.

The championship was formed around the then newly created Rally New Zealand when it joined the World Rally Championship in 1973. Since then Rally New Zealand has frequently been the starring event of the NZRC and the event is current based in Auckland. The International Rally of Whangarei and International Rally of Otago are also rounds of the NZRC as well as being rounds of the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship.

Gold Star Rally Champions

Gold Star Rally Champions – Drivers

2023Hayden PaddonHyundai i20 AP4
2022Hayden PaddonHyundai i20 AP4
2021Hayden PaddonHyundai i20 AP4
2020Not contested(COVID-19)
2019Ben HuntSubaru Impreza WRX STI
2018Hayden PaddonHyundai i20 AP4
2017Andrew HawkeswoodMazda 2 AP4+
2016David HolderMitsubishi Lancer Evo
2015Ben HuntSubaru Impreza
2014Richard MasonSubaru Impreza WRX
2013Hayden PaddonMitsubishi Lancer Evo 9
2012Richard MasonSubaru Impreza WRX
2011Richard MasonSubaru Impreza WRX
2010Dean SumnerMitsubishi Lancer Evo 9
2009Hayden PaddonMitsubishi Lancer Evo 9
2008Hayden PaddonMitsubishi Lancer Evo 9
2007Sam MurraySubaru Impreza
2006Richard MasonSubaru Impreza
2005Richard MasonSubaru Impreza WRX
2004Chris WestSubaru Impreza WRX
2003Bruce HerbertSubaru Impreza
2002Bruce HerbertSubaru Impreza
2001Bruce HerbertSubaru Impreza
2000Bruce HerbertMitsubishi Lancer Evo 6
1999Geof ArgyleMitsubishi Lancer
1998Geof ArgyleMitsubishi Lancer
1997Reece JonesMitsubishi Lancer
1996Joe McAndrewSubaru Legacy
1995Reece JonesMitsubishi Lancer
1994Joe McAndrewSubaru Legacy
1993Joe McAndrewSubaru Legacy
1992Neil AllportMazda 323 4WD
1991Peter 'Possum' BourneSubaru Legacy
1990David AylingMazda 323 4WD
1989Neil AllportMazda 323 4WD
1988Brian StokesFord Sierra 4x4
1987Tony TeesdaleMG Metro 6R4
1986Neil AllportMazda RX7
1985Brian StokesFord Escort RS
1984Brian StokesNissan 240RS
1983Malcolm StewartFord Escort RS1800
1982Tony TeesdaleFord Escort RS1800
1981Jim DonaldFord Escort RS1800
1980Jim DonaldFord Escort RS1800
1979Paul AdamsFord Escort RS1800
1978Blair RobsonFord Escort RS1800
1977Rod MillenMazda RX3

Gold Star Rally Champions – Co-Drivers

2023John KennardHayden Paddon
2022John KennardHayden Paddon
2021John KennardHayden Paddon
2020Not contested(COVID-19)
2019Tony RawstornBen Hunt
2018Tony RawstornHayden Paddon
2017Jeff CressAndrew Hawkeswood
2016Jason FarmerDavid Holder
2015Tony RawstornBen Hunt
2014Sara MasonRichard Mason
2013John KennardHayden Paddon
2012Sara MasonRichard Mason
2011Sara MasonRichard Mason
2010Paul FallonDean Sumner
2009John KennardHayden Paddon
2008John KennardHayden Paddon
2007Rob RyanSam Murray
2006Sara RandallRichard Mason
2005Garry CowanRichard Mason
2004Garry CowanChris West
2003Rob RyanBruce Herbert
2002Rob RyanBruce Herbert
2001Rob RyanBruce Herbert
2000Rob RyanBruce Herbert
1999Rob RyanGeof Argyle
1998Alan GlenGeof Argyle
1997Leo BultReece Jones
1996Robert HaldaneJoe McAndrew
1995Leo BultReece Jones
1994Robert HaldaneJoe McAndrew
1993Robert HaldaneJoe McAndrew
1992Jim RobbNeil Allport
1991Rodger FreethPeter 'Possum' Bourne
1990Robert HaldaneDavid Ayling
1989Robert HaldaneNeil Allport
1988Robert HaldaneBrian Stokes
1987Greg HorneTony Teesdale
Category 1 (4WD) Champions

4WD Drivers Champions

2018H. PaddonHyundai i20 AP4
2017A. HawkeswoodMazda 2 AP4+
2016D. HolderMitsubishi Lancer Evo
2015B. HuntSubaru Impreza
2014R. MasonSubaru Impreza WRX
2013H. PaddonMitsubishi Lancer Evo 9
2012R. MasonSubaru Impreza WRX
2011R. MasonSubaru Impreza WRX
2010D. SumnerMitsubishi Lancer Evo 9
2009H. PaddonMitsubishi Lancer Evo 9
2008H. PaddonMitsubishi Lancer Evo 9
2007S. MurraySubaru Impreza

4WD Co-Drivers Champions

2018T. Rawstorn
2017J. Cress
2016J. Farmer
2015T. Rawstorn
2014S. Mason
2013J. Kennard
2012S. Mason
2011S. Mason
2010P. Fallon
2009J. Kennard
2008J. Kennard
2007R. Ryan
2WD Champions

2WD Drivers Champions

2018D. ThomsonFord Fiesta
2017D. ThomsonFord Fiesta
2016D. StrongHonda Civic
2015M. BayleyFord Fiesta
2014M. BayleyFord Fiesta
2013J. MarstonFord Fiesta

2WD Co-Driver Champions

2018A. Hudson
2017A. Hudson
2016B. McKenzie
2015D. Elder
2014P. Deakin
2013V. Fabbro
Category 2 (FIA 2WD) Champions

Category 2 (FIA 2WD) Drivers Champions

2018D. ThomsonFord Fiesta
2017D. ThomsonFord Fiesta
2016M. BayleyFord Fiesta
2015M. BayleyFord Fiesta
2014M. BayleyFord Fiesta
2013J. MarstonFord Fiesta
2012B. HuntFord Fiesta
2011B. HuntFord Fiesta
2010S. BarkerFord Fiesta
2009B. JaggerFord Fiesta
2008P. MalleyFord Fiesta
2007M. TapperFord Fiesta

Category 2 (FIA 2WD) Co-Drivers Champions

2018A. Hudson
2017A. Hudson
2016L. Hudson
2015D. Elder
2014P. Deakin
2013V. Fabbro
2012T. Rawstorn
2011T. Rawstorn
2010R. Ellis
2009B. Hawkins
2008R. Bennett
2007J. Cress
Category 3 (Open 2WD) Champions

Category 3 (Open 2WD) Drivers Champions

2018M. Van KlinkMazda RX8
2017A. JonesFord Escort
2016D. StrongHonda Civic
2015Not Awarded
2014H. AndersonToyota Levin
2013H. AndersonToyota Levin
2012D. Holder Toyota Levin

Category 3 (Open 2WD) Co-Drivers Champions

2018D. Neill
2017T. Gwynne
2016B. McKenzie
2015Not Awarded
2014S. Brennan
2013S. Brennan
2012J. Holder
Historic Challenge

Historic Challenge Drivers

2018J. SilcockMazda RX3
2017T. GoslingFord Escort
2016M. van KlinkMazda RX7
2015M. van KlinkMazda RX7
2014M. van KlinkMazda RX7
2013D. BuistFord Escort RS1800
2012M. van KlinkMazda RX7
2011R. WylieNissan 240RS
2010R. RossFord Escort
2009M. CameronMitsubishi Lancer
2008R. WylieNissan 240RS
2007E. FugeMazda RX3
2006R. MurrayMazda RX7

Historic Challenge Co-Drivers

S. Gray
2017B. Read
2016D. Neill
2015D. Neill
2014D. Neill
2013A. Bulman
2012D. Neill
2011T. Smith
2010D. Galbraith
2009H. Cameron
2008P. Turner
2007M. Gibbs
2006D. Kibble
NZRC Rally Challenge Series

NZ Rally Challenge Trophy (Category 5) Drivers Champions

2018G. BlackberryMitsubishi Lancer Evo 10
2017A. BlighMitsubishi Lancer Evo 6
2016K. JonesMitsubishi Lancer
2015D. GalbraithMitsubishi Lancer Evo 6

NZ Rally Challenge Trophy (Category 5) Co-Drivers Champions

2018R. Chalmers
2017R. Chalmers
2016W. Jones
2015R. Hudson

Category 5A (4WD) Rally Challenge Trophy Drivers Champions

2018G. Blackberry
2017R. Bateman
2016K. Jones
2015R. Bateman
2014D. Galbraith
2013G. Featherstone

Category 5A (4WD) Rally Challenge Trophy Co-Drivers Champions

2018R. Chalmers
2017R. Chalmers
2016W. Jones
2015S. Guckert
2014J. Bracefield
2013C. Davidson

Category 5B (2WD) Rally Challenge Trophy Drivers Champions

2018M. Van Klink
2017D. Taylor
2016J. Torkington
2015J. Glavish
2014J. Torkington
2013D. Ralph

Category 5B (2WD) Rally Challenge Trophy Co-Drivers Champions

2018D. Neill
2017P. Huntley
2016R. James
2015M. Brunt
2014H. Gandy
2013P. MacDonald
Junior Champions
2018D. ThomsonChristchurch
2017D. ThomsonWaiuku
2016S. CoxRotorua
2015L. WilliamsTe Aroha
2014D. HolderMount Maunganui
2013B. HuntNelson
2012M. JansenChristchurch
2011B. HuntNelson
2010S. CoxRotorua
2009M. JansenChristchurch
2008H. PaddonTimaru
2007H. PaddonTimaru
2006H. PaddonTimaru
2005B. MartinTaihape
2004D. SumnerRotorua
2003R. MasonMasterton
2002R. MasonMasterton
2001C. BatesHamilton
2000C. West Timaru
1999K. RobinsonLevin
1998C. WestTimaru
1997J. WestDunedin
1996C. MarshallAuckland
1995G. GrahamChristchurch
1994`A. GrantAuckland
1993B. LoganAshburton
1992R. McKayWinton
1991M. LeonardTimaru
1990G. GrahamChristchurch
1989D. FairhallGreymouth
1988S. WeeberChrictchurch
1987S. WeeberChrictchurch
1986B. HillHamilton
1985R. HartNelson
1984M. MontgomeryTauranga
1983M. MontgomeryTauranga
Rookie Driver Champions
2018E. CreugnetMitsubishi Lancer Evo 9
2017M. TregilgasFord Fiesta
2016C. DaviesToyota Yaris
2015R. BatemanMitsubishi Lancer Evo 8
2014L. WilliamsSubaru Impreza WRX
2013G. FeatherstoneMitsubishi Lancer Evo 7
2012D. HolderToyota Levin
2011N. MarshallMitsubishi Lancer Evo 8
2010R. RossFord Escort
2009M. JansenSubaru Impreza
2008A. MeierSubaru Impreza
2007C. McInnesSubaru Impreza WRX
2006H. PaddonMitsubishi Lancer Evo 8
2005L. BarnsMitsubishi Lancer Evo 8
2004S. MurraySubaru Impreza
2003D. SumnerMitsubishi Lancer Evo 6
Manufacturer's Trophy
2013Not contested
2003Mitsubishi Team
2002Mitsubishi Team
2001Mitsubishi Ralliart Team
2000Mitsubishi Ralliart Team -
G. Argyle, T. Bawden, A. Hawkeswood
1999Mitsubishi Ralliart Team -
G. Argyle, T. Bawden, R. Meekings
1998Mitsubishi Team -
G. Argyle, T. Bawden, M. Roestenburg
1997Mitsubishi Team -
R. Jones, M. Roestenburg, G. Argyle
1996Subaru Team -
G. Graham, J. McAndrew, S. Holmes
1995Mitsubishi Team -
Jones, Grant, Leonard
1994Subaru Team -
V. Slee, B. Watkin, J. McAndrew
Teams Cup
2018J. Williamson, H. Paddon
2017M. Summerfield, D. Galbraith, J. Williamson
2016not Contested
2015Not Contested
2014Team Mason -
R. Mason, M. van Klink, B. Taylor
2013Andrew Simms Mitsubishi - C. West, J. Marston, J. Judd