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Volunteer Officials Structure

The MotorSport New Zealand Volunteer Officials structure is split into two parts:

Accredited Volunteer: The Accredited Volunteer program is accreditation to recognise our general volunteer officials such as flag marshals, recovery crew, block marshals and more.

Licenced Officials: This licence is for qualified officials who complete MotorSport New Zealand training courses. These licences recognise Stewards, Clerks of the Course, CROs, Technical Officers and Scrutineers.

Find out more about the different Volunteer Officials Licences below:

Accredited Volunteer

The Accredited Volunteer program recognises all volunteer roles outside of the Licensed Officials types listed further below on this page.

Whilst becoming an Accredited Volunteer is not compulsory for all volunteer officials, it is highly encouraged that all volunteers sign up. Signing up to become an Accredited Volunteer officially recognises you as a MotorSport New Zealand volunteer official and provides you with a range of benefits such as:

  • Accredited Volunteer Logbook: Track your progress as a volunteer official with a free logbook to record events you’ve volunteered at and in what role/capacity.
  • Overseas Excursions: Being an Accredited Volunteer enables you to volunteer internationally by having your skills and experience recognised by foreign ASNs.
  • Partner Benefits: As an Accredited Volunteer you cantake advantage of MotorSport New Zealand’s partner benefits which include getting discounts on your insurance, fuel, accommodation, travel and activities at Hampton Downs, Highlands Motorsport Park. View the full list of partner benefits here.
  • Regular Updates: MotorSport New Zealand sends regular updates to its Accredited Volunteers with motorsport news, training opportunities and the latest partner benefits.
Competitor Relations Officer (CRO)

A licenced Competitor Relations Officer (CRO) is an important role at any motorsport event. A CRO acts as a conduit between the event officials and the competitors.

The primary job of a CRO is to be the first point of contact for competitors who wish to raise an inquiry with officials and then assist the competitor through the process. This requires a sound knowledge of the rules of motorsport, specifically the judicial processes and procedures in place.

There is only one grade of CRO licence, therefore all licenced CROs are able to officiate at all disciplines and any level of event.

To become a licenced CRO, you must complete the CRO Training Course

Click here to complete the Expression of Interest form to become a CRO.

Scrutineer / 'A' Scrutineer

Scrutineers are required to check competing vehicles and the safety equipment of the driver prior to an event to ensure mechanical integrity, safety and compliance with the event regulations.

The key to being a successful scrutineer is having the ability to help find a way for people to compete in motorsport safely, not looking for a reason to prevent them from competing.

A Scrutineer: An ‘A Scrutineer’ is a scrutineer who has undergone additional training to enable them to conduct safety audits of road-going motorsport vehicles that require an LVVTA Authority Card.

To become a scrutineer applicants must first complete the online training course and provide details that demonstrate a sound knowledge of automotive and mechanical engineering.

Click here to complete the Expression of Interest form to become a Scrutineer.

Technical Officer

A Technical Officer is an appointed position available only to senior scrutineers who have demonstrated exceptional ability as a Scrutineer. Technical Officers are required to oversee the technical inspections for each MotorSport New Zealand Championship.

Click here to complete the Expression of Interest form to become a Technical Officer

Clerk of the Course

The Clerk of the Course (CotC) is responsible for the conduct of the Meeting or Event in accordance with the National Sporting Code and, in particular, the regulations governing it, except where an Event Director has authority.  There are three levels of CotC – Bronze, Silver and Gold with Silver and Gold licence being Race or Rally specific.

CotC Bronze:

• all ClubSport Basic status events
• all ClubSport Advanced status events (excluding Rallysprints and Circuit Sprint (multi-car))

To become a Clerk of the Course (Bronze) applicants must first complete the first online training modules and XXX.

CotC Silver

Race: National status Race events (excluding Championship and/or Sanctioned Series) and all ClubSport events (excluding Rallysprints).

Rally: Clubmans Rallies, Rallysprints, and all ClubSport events (excluding Circuit Sprint (multi-car)).

To become a Clerk of the Course (Silver) should hold a CotC (Bronze) licence and have officiated for at least two events as, for Race, a race controller, flag marshal or CRO, or, for Rally, a timing crew member, HQ controller or CRO. Applicants will also need to complete the CotC (Silver) Race or Rally assessment online.

CotC Gold

Race: All Race events.

Rally: All Rallies.

To become a Clerk of the Course (Gold) you should have held a CotC (Silver) licence for two years and have acted as Assistant CotC or CotC for two Race meetings or one Rally. Applicants will also need to complete the CotC (Gold) Race or Rally assessment online and be endorsed by the Chief Clerk of the Course.

Click here to complete the Expression of Interest form to become a Clerk of the Course.


Stewards are appointed officials who generally have experience across multiple officials roles such as Clerk of the Course, CRO and/or Scrutineer.

They are responsible for enforcing the National Sporting Code as well as the rules and regulations governing the Meeting or Event. Stewards act as the approving authority on behalf of MotorSport New Zealand and hear protests of a Clerk of the Course decision.