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Physical Address:
102A Kapiti Road
Paraparaumu, 5032

Postal Address:
PO Box 133
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Office Hours:
8.30am to 5.00pm Monday-Friday

+64 4 815 8015

Media Enquiries:
jordie@motorsport.org.nz / 027 479 1510


Elton Goonan | CEO

Elton is responsible for leading the MotorSport New Zealand team through day to day operations and leading the administration of the sport.

E: elton@motorsport.org.nz

Kate Avery | Finance & Office Manager

Kate is responsible for managing the MotorSport New Zealand office and our financial systems. Kate processes, reconciles and reports all the finances of MotorSport New Zealand. 

E: kate@motorsport.org.nz | P: +64 4 815 8015 (Option 3)

Devan Gregory | Technical Manager

Devan is responsible for MotorSport New Zealand’s technical department which encompasses writing and reviewing technical regulations to ensure competition parity and safety. Devan also manages and maintains the sport’s relationships with our technical alliances such as the FIA, Motorsport Australia, NZTA and LVVTA.

E: devan@motorsport.org.nz | P: +64 4 815 8015 (Option 7) | M: +64 21 745 056

Raewyn Burke | Sporting Manager

Raewyn or ‘Rae’ for short is responsible for processing everything around events and regulations. From article amendments and event permitting to managing officials and event documentation. 

E: raewyn@motorsport.org.nz | P: +64 4 815 8015 (Option 4) | M: +64 21 745 343

Steve Collier | MotorSport Safety & Volunteer Manager

Steve is responsible for developing and supporting MotorSport New Zealand and its Member Clubs in maintaining the best health and safety practices and compliance. Part of Steve’s role is also the further the development of our Volunteer Officials program. 

E: steve@motorsport.org.nz | M: +64 27 427 9485

Jordie Peters | Development & Marketing Executive

Jordie is responsible for delivering IT support within MotorSport New Zealand alongside driving the promotion of the sport and communicating with all our stakeholders. Jordie also maintains all our digital platforms such as social media and our websites.

E: jordie@motorsport.org.nz | M: +64 27 479 1510

Morgen Dickson | Customer Relationship Administrator

Morgen is responsible for all competition and official’s licences as well as managing and maintaining customer enquiries and relationships. Morgen is also a key person in the organisation for annual events such as the AGM, Awards Evening and the Elite Motorsport Academy. Your InterIslander bookings are also managed by Morgen.

E: morgen@motorsport.org.nz | P: +64 4 815 8015 (Option 1)

Aaron Johnston | Trainer & Educator

Aaron’s role is to ensure we best support our volunteer officials and empower them with the right knowledge and best practice guides.

E: aaron@motorsport.org.nz | P: +64 4 815 8015 (Option 5)

Mike Macready | Technical Advisor

Mike looks after your technical applications such as logbooks, authority cards, roll cage homologations and CODs as well as guiding you through your general technical enquiries.

E: mike@motorsport.org.nz | P: +64 4 815 8015 (Option 2)

Nathan Head | Technical Advisor

Nathan looks after your technical applications such as logbooks, authority cards, roll cage homologations and CODs as well as guiding you through your general technical enquiries.

E: nathan@motorsport.org.nz | P: +64 4 815 8015 (Option 2)

Jakob Annison | Sporting & Marketing Coordinator

Jakob handles your event inquiries and is available to assist with MotorSport Online support. Jakob also helps out with the day-to-day tasks of the Sporting Manager and Marketing Executive.

E: jakob@motorsport.org.nz | P: +64 27 289 8124‬