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Technical Forms

MotorSport New Zealand encourages you to complete all Technical Applications through MotorSport Online but understand that PDF forms may be needed from time to time.

Below you can find all the Technical forms, please ensure you complete these fully and carefully to ensure your application is processed timely and you don’t incur additional time costs.

If you require assistance with any Technical Applications or forms, please contact the MotorSport New Zealand Technical Department.


FormPDFWordLast updated
Tech001aVehicle Logbook ApplicationVehicle Logbook ApplicationJan-21
Tech001bTechnical Passport ApplicationTechnical Passport ApplicationJan-21
Tech002aSafety Cage Homologation- NewSafety Cage Homologation- NewFeb-21
Tech002bSafety Cage Homologation- ExtensionSafety Cage Homologation- ExtensionJan-21
Tech002cSafety Cage Homologation- Type ApprovalSafety Cage Homologation- Type ApprovalJan-21
Tech002dSafety Cage Homologation- RepairSafety Cage Homologation- RepairJan-21
Tech002eSafety Cage Homologation- HistoricSafety Cage Homologation- HistoricJan-21
Tech002fSafety Cage Homologation- RecognitionSafety Cage Homologation- RecognitionJan-21
Tech002gSafety Cage Homologation- Recognition SaloonSafety Cage Homologation- Recognition SaloonJan-21
Tech003aAuthority Card NewAuthority Card NewJan-21
Tech003bAuthority Card RenewalAuthority Card RenewalJan-21
Tech004aCertificate of DescriptionCertificate of DescriptionJan-21
Tech004bCertificate of Description UpdateCertificate of Description UpdateJan-21
Tech004cCertificate of Description Summary Action FormCertificate of Description Summary Action FormJan-21
Tech004dCertificate of Description Audit FormCertificate of Description Audit FormJan-21
Tech005HTP Inspection ReportHTP Inspection ReportJan-21
Tech006Exemption- Left Hand DriveExemption- Left Hand DriveJan-21
Tech007Exemption- Pre-Frontal Impact Complaint VehiclesExemption- Pre-Frontal Impact Complaint VehiclesJan-21
Tech008aSafety Audit- ProgrammeSafety Audit- ProgrammeJan-21
Tech008bSafety Audit- WorksheetSafety Audit- WorksheetJan-21
Tech008cSafety Audit- SummarySafety Audit- SummaryJan-21
Tech009Technical Report to COTCTechnical Report to COTCJan-21
Tech010Inspection ReportInspection ReportJan-21
Tech011Vehicle Damage ReportVehicle Damage ReportJan-21
Tech012Technical Item ReceiptTechnical Item ReceiptJan-21
TIS 10TIS #10 Fabricated Fuel TanksFeb-21
Guidelines for Safety Cage HomologationGuidelines for Safety Cage HomologationApr-18