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Rally Licence

A rally event is made up of several high-speed special stages. These stages can be held on public or private roads which are closed to the public. The roads can be sealed (tarmac) or unsealed (gravel). Each driver and co-driver complete a timed run of each special stage, attempting to drive the distance in the shortest possible time.

The role of the co-driver is to read route instructions to the driver from a road book which details intersections and some hidden hazards on the course. The special stages are linked by touring stages which are the means of getting from one stage to the next, and are driven at normal road speeds and rules, and therefore require your vehicle to be road registered and compliant.

Rally events can range from clubmans rallies to the New Zealand Rally Championship and beyond with rounds of the Asia Pacific Rally Championship typically held in New Zealand.

To compete in Rally events, you will require a minimum of an R Grade licence.

Find out how to get your rally licence below:

Step 1: Car Club Membership

Your first step is to become a member of a MotorSport New Zealand Affiliated Car Club. Click here to find a suitable car club.

Step 2: Getting ready for the Exam

Before sitting the exam, you’ll need to have a good understanding of the rules of motorsport. For a Rally Licence, you should be familiar with the National Sporting Code, as well as Schedule A and Appendix Three – Schedule R of the MotorSport Manual.

It is also recommended that you prepare for the exam by taking a look at the R Grade Licence Exam questions.

Types of motorsport this licence covers:• Rallies• All ClubSport events

Step 3: Register

It is recommended that you register online with us before you sit the test as the examiner can then find your record online and complete the examination section that is required.

To do this please follow the steps below:

  • Got to http://online.motorsport.org.nz/
  • Click “New to Motorsport NZ? Register here”
  • Complete the details as requested and click the email button to submit the form
  • You will receive an email from the database with a temporary username/password
  • Enter these details into the username/password fields and click the big blue start button
  • You will then be taken to a page you will be asked to change the username/password to something you will remember
  • You can then log in using the username/password you have set up

Note: If you have previously held a MotorSport New Zealand Licence or a Vehicle Logbook we may have already created a record for you in this database which means you may not need to register. If this is the case, please advise or select the ‘Forgot Password’ option on the log in page and this will email the MotorSport New Zealand Office to check for you.

Step 4: Exam Time

Please find an Examiner local to you and contact them directly to arrange a time and place to sit your exam

When you have passed your exam, the examiner will be able to find you in the database as you will have already set yourself up in the system. Your examiner can scan and upload your exam results into the database. If at the time the exam cannot be marked off online another option is to scan/email or post the signed test to the MotorSport New Zealand Office where it can be marked off on the examiner’s behalf

Step 5: Applying for your Licence

It is recommended to do this when you register/before you sit your exam as this then adds the application to the list the examiners access to mark them off.

On the MotorSport Online system: Click “Licences” on your Dashboard- The click “Add a Licence” followed by “Competition Licence”

This will open a new page where you can complete all the necessary details for your application.

The next step is the payment page where you can select the method of payment and will be supplied with an invoice number or a receipt via email (dependant on the method selected).

Step 6: Approval of your Licence

We will be able to see your application every step of the way and will be watching for the following to be completed:

  • The Licence has been applied for
  • All personal details completed within your Profile tab
  • A suitable Passport style photo has been uploaded (this will print onto your licence card)
  • The licence fee payment has been received
  • Any medical aspects have been approved
  • The Exam has been passed/marked off

Once all of the above has been completed your licence application may be approved and a licence card sent out to you.

Competing Overseas

You can add a visa to your Rally licence which will allow you to compete overseas.

Tasman Visa: for competition in Australia only

The World Motor Sport Council of the FIA has approved a request made jointly by Motorsport Australia (formally known as CAMS) and Motorsport New Zealand for mutual recognition of competition licences in accordance with the Trans-Tasman Agreement for events listed on the sporting calendars of each Governing Body. Other events may be selected for inclusion should both MotorSport New Zealand and Motorsport Australia agree.

To apply for a Trans-Tasman Visa, competitors should access the Licences tab in the MotorSport Online system and specify the name of the event/s they wish to compete in. By submission of the application for a Trans-Tasman Visa, the competitor shall agree to be bound by the rules (procedural, judicial and technical) of Motorsport Australia for the duration of the Visa.

Foreign Participation Visa: for competition overseas excluding Australia

Some overseas national events may be permitted by the host ASN to allow for foreign participation and will be detailed in the event’s supplementary regulations.  Licence holders wishing to compete in such an event must first obtain a Foreign Participation Visa and an International Medical card from MotorSport New Zealand. Please contact the office if you would like further information on this. Please note Foreign Participation Visas are automatically issued to International Licence holders.