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About MotorSport New Zealand

MotorSport NZ is the sole authority appointed by the FIA to regulate motor sport in New Zealand in order to promote and achieve:

  • safety
  • fairness, and
  • social responsibility

in the conduct of the sport.

The key goals are clearly defined in its current mission statement as follows;

  • MotorSport NZ is committed to develop and maintain an environment that enables the people of New Zealand to enjoy motorsport as a leisure and sporting activity.
  • MotorSport NZ is committed to promoting and improving motorsport in New Zealand as a widely recognised, accepted and respected sport.
  • MotorSport NZ wants people to enjoy and participate in the adventure and challenge of cars being driven with speed, safety and skill.
  • MotorSport NZ is committed to the professional and modern management of its business. It will create an environment in which people can contribute and expand their skills in and commitment to all aspects of the sport.
  • MotorSport NZ develops and maintains systems for safety, technical, judicial, accreditation, training and compliance, and other intellectual property necessary for the effective management and development of the sport. The systems and services of MotorSport NZ are provided to members, other customers and the community in order to achieve the MotorSport NZ mission.
MotorSport NZ, its role in motorsport and how it operates:

Rules are essential. In a pursuit such as motor sport where safety is vital for all participants and spectators, it’s clear that rules and regulations must be devised carefully, observed closely and enforced rigidly.

Around the world, the general principles for motor sport are determined by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). Each member country has a National Sporting Authority (ASN), which administers and, where necessary, decides local modifications to the details of FIA rules.

In New Zealand, that ASN is MotorSport New Zealand Inc (MotorSport NZ), which is a democratically formed incorporated society made up of the 100 plus member clubs spread throughout the country.

MotorSport NZ has a structure of Council, Board, Advisory Commissions and Departments to set, interpret and administer the rules, which are uniform countrywide. These bodies are made up of representatives elected through the various tiers of the sport starting with the member clubs. There are various expert panels appointed to provide additional counsel for specialist areas and to advise on technical and safety matters.

MotorSport NZ’s Responsibilities

As well as the competitors’, officials and member clubs, MotorSport NZ has responsibilities to the motor trade and other supporters, government, the public and to the FIA. Together with its organisational role, MotorSport NZ is concerned with the fitness of drivers, circuit (including all courses and tracks) safety, the construction and eligibility of vehicles, all aspects of safety, administration of justice and the progress of motorsports in New Zealand.

Enthusiasts working in honorary roles as volunteers deserve thanks from us all for carrying out so much of this work. There is also a dedicated full time staff working in our national office in Wellington who are able to help you enjoy your sport to the full. The national office handles matters of policy, government and government agency liaison, administration of permits, licensing and insurance as well as day-to-day queries from member clubs and competitors.

MotorSport NZ’s activities are communicated to members through bulletins, organisers’ handbooks, the comprehensive Motorsport Manual, media releases, and this official website.


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