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2022 Media Awards information

Entries for the 2022 MotorSport New Zealand Media Awards are now open to any journalist, photographer, producer, director and PR or digital media professional representing a media outlet that meets our criteria who has covered a motorsport event in the eligible period. 

The overarching goal of the MotorSport New Zealand media awards is to promote and recognise the coverage of New Zealand motorsport in the media, primarily the mainstream media. We thank you for your efforts to provide the words, images, and audio/visual content of New Zealand motorsport via the many outlets which cover the sport.

This year we will be accepting Social Media pages/channels as a media outlet, provided that the page/channel has over 5000 followers or the content received over 1500 views.

The eligibility period is for work produced between 1 April 2021 – 30 April 2022. The extra month is to compensate for cancelled/postponed events due to the 2021 lockdown and the delayed Awards Evening.

Please note, you DO NOT have to be accredited with MotorSport New Zealand to enter, anyone whose work meets the criteria is eligible.

Here are the award categories for 2022: 

Photo Awards:

There are two awards for photographers, comprising of the Photographer of the Year Award and the President’s Award for a single shot. Both awards will be judged by world renowned motorsport photographer, Drew Gibson.

ENTER NOW: https://zfrmz.com/ymwuGemca53rFtwNiwYF

Journalist/Reporter of the Year:

The MotorSport Journalist/Reporter of the Year Award is open to all journalists and reporters from any media outlet such as news websites, newspapers, television, large social media channels, etc.

The award recognises journalistic content (Both news and feature) about any event, competition licence holder (past or present) or aspect of motorsport under the jurisdiction of MotorSport New Zealand. A ‘journalistic piece’ is defined as less than 3500 words for written, or less than 5 minutes for video or audio.

ENTER NOW: https://zfrmz.com/HnEdjt4IVlHEglcd2QXC

Producer of the Year:

The Producer of the Year Award is open to all producers and directors from any media outlet that meets our criteria (see below).

The award recognises audio or video content about any motorsport event, competition licence holder (past or present) or aspect of motorsport under the jurisdiction of MotorSport New Zealand. 

ENTER NOW: https://zfrmz.com/1TmdBHMPgEubaJnjMQYu

Best use of Digital Media/PR award:

This is an evolution of the PR Communicator of the year award and is for PR/Media professionals representing a competition licence holder, event or series under the jurisdiction of MotorSport New Zealand.

The award recognises the contribution of Digital Media/PR professionals in gaining media coverage for motorsport in New Zealand.

This year we will be accepting social media campaigns as part of this award.

ENTER NOW: https://zfrmz.com/cZLG3CrBUNpmcxD9Swzt

Entries must be submitted online using the links above. Please note some entries require you to upload your entries to a file-sharing website, if you do not have access to one, please let us know and we will help you out. MotorSport New Zealand also reserves the right to submit entries on behalf of an entrant if they feel they should be considered for an award.

Key dates:

  • Entries open – 22nd April
  • Entries close – 20th May
  • Judging – late May
  • Finalists advised by 6th June
  • MotorSport New Zealand Awards evening, Auckland Museum – 30 July

If you have any questions please contact jordie@motorsport.org.nz