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Elite MotorSport Academy

The Elite MotorSport Academy is a world-renowned development program for motorsport competitors in New Zealand. Young competitors from all aspects of the sport are put into a 12-month academy program, starting with a weeklong ‘camp’ in Dunedin.

The academy has fostered young talent who regularly make headlines around the world for their achievements. Shane van Gisbergen, Hayden Paddon, Mitch Evans, Brendon Hartley, Richie Stanaway and more recently Marcus Armstrong have all received training through the academy.

The Elite Motorsport Academy aims to:

  • To provide a one-week intensive “in camp” programme of physical and educational training assistance package for up to nine MotorSport New Zealand recognised Race or Rally competitors who have already demonstrated the ability to excel in their chosen motorsport discipline.
  • To provide a tailored twelve-month follow-up package for the academy graduates to ensure they retain and further develop the training regimes and educational opportunities demonstrated “in camp’.

Those chosen to attend will live “in camp” for the duration of the Elite Academy and in addition to the personal development thrust of the programmes will undertake a number of team building activities. These activities will be awarded points with recognition at the end of the camp to the team scoring the highest.

Soon after arrival “in camp” attendees will be assessed on components of their personal fitness relevant to being an elite driver. Components to be assessed will include:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Heat stress tolerance
  • Reaction time
  • Visual abilities
  • Muscle balance/posture

Workshops covering sport psychology, nutrition, data analysis, public speaking/media skills, motorsport regulations and procedures as well as daily physical training routines will provide an all-encompassing week of learning designed to test and sometimes stretch attendees’ mental and physical limits.

During the course of the week, all attendees will develop a sponsorship proposal, which they will have five minutes to present verbally to a panel of judges on the last day of the Academy. The format is not too dissimilar to the TV programme “Dragons Den”.


Class of 2022

Winner: Troy Pennington
  • Troy Pennington (camp winner)
  • Marco Giltrap
  • Robbie Stokes
  • Sebastian Manson
  • Zac Christensen
  • Hayden Bakkerus
  • Jackson Clendon
  • Hugo Allan

Class of 2021

Overall Winner: James Penrose
  • James Penrose (Camp winner)
  • Flynn Mullany
  • Jordan Grant
  • Brock Gilchrist
  • Matthew McCutcheon
  • Liam Sceats
  • Jack Hawkeswood
  • Jack Noble-Adams

Class of 2019

Overall winner: Ronan Murphy
  • Conrad Clark
  • Thomas Boniface
  • Ronan Murphy
  • Joshua Bethune
  • Breanna Morris
  • Katrina Renshaw
  • Ryan Wood
  • Zac Stichbury

Class of 2018

Overall winner: Peter Vodanovich
  • Callum Crawley
  • Billy Frazer
  • Callum Hedge
  • Bailey Paterson
  • Matthew Podjursky
  • Jaden Ransley
  • Brock Timperley
  • Peter Vodanovich

Class of 2017

Winner: Jordan Baldwin
  • Sarah Brennan
  • Arran Crighton
  • Jack Williamson
  • Reece Hendl-Cox
  • Samantha Gray
  • Jordan Baldwin
  • Kaleb Ngatoa
  • Job Quantock

Class of 2016

Overall winner: Jacob Smith
  • Jaxon Evans, Gold Coast
  • Connor Adam
  • Alexandra Whitley
  • Michael McLean
  • Brock Cooley
  • Kieran Anstis
  • Jacob Smith
  • Hunter McElrea

Class of 2015

Overall winner: Michael Young
  • Sam Barry
  • Caleb Cross
  • Chelsea Herbert
  • Bradley Lathrope
  • Brook Reeve
  • Nicole Summerfield
  • Michael Young
  • Malcolm Read

Class of 2014

Winner: Jamie Conroy
  • Marcus Armstrong
  • Taylor Cockerton
  • Jamie Conroy
  • Drew Donovan
  • Faine Kahia
  • Liam MacDonald
  • Lance Williams
  • Ryan Yardley

Class of 2013

Overall winner: James Munro
  • Ethan Coleman
  • Rowan Shepard
  • David Holder
  • James Munro
  • Christopher “CJ” Sinclair
  • Rhys Gardner
  • Brendon Leitch
  • Callum Quin
  • Reid Harker

Class of 2012

Overall winner: Mark Gibson
  • A.J. Lauder
  • Tom Barker
  • Tom Alexander
  • Matt Higham
  • Michael Scott
  • Mark Gibson
  • Chris Hanley
  • Arie Hutton
  • Daniel Connor

Class of 2011

Winner: Tarryn Cox
  • Tarryn Cox
  • Daniel Kinsman
  • Jason Farmer
  • Andre Heimgartner
  • Matt Summerfield
  • Kyle George
  • Hayden Pedersen
  • Sarah Coatsworth

Class of 2010

Overall winner: Andrew Vincent
  • Andrew Vincent
  • Will Bamber
  • Stephen Barker
  • Matt Lockwood
  • Mathew Jansen
  • Aaron Hodgson
  • Daniel Jilesen
  • Alex Kelsey

Class of 2009

Overall winner: Josh Marston
  • Joshua Marston
  • Simon Evans
  • Mitch Evans
  • Ben Jagger
  • Nick Cassidy
  • Matthew Penrose
  • Damon Letich
  • Jamie McNee
  • Martin Short

Class of 2008

Overall winner: John Whelan
  • John Whelan
  • Patrick Malley
  • Michael Burdett
  • Sloan Cox
  • Stefan Webling
  • Richie Stanaway
  • Kirsty Nelson
  • Courteny Lectca
  • Kieran Hall

Class of 2007

Overall winner: Ant Pederson
  • Anthony Pedersen
  • Jono Lester
  • Alastair Wootten
  • Earl Bamber
  • Caine Lobb
  • Dean Sumner
  • Dominic Storey
  • Greg Teece

Class of 2006

Overall winner: Sam MacNeill
  • Sam MacNeill
  • Hayden Paddon
  • Erin Kyle
  • Grant Crosby
  • Nic Jordan
  • Marc Williams
  • Andrew Waite
  • Michael Bristow

Class of 2005

Overall winner: Brendon Hartley
  • Lee Anne Barnes
  • Andrew Higgins
  • James Holder
  • Brendon Hartley
  • Matthew Hamilton
  • Daniel Gaunt
  • Shane van Gisbergen
  • Ben Harford
  • Emma Gilmour

Class of 2004

Overall winner: Nelson Hartley
  • Tim Martin
  • Nelson Hartley
  • Mark Tapper
  • Chris Pither
  • Sarah Randell
  • Taryn Kugener
  • Andy Knight
  • Christina Orr
  • Shane Watkin
  • Tim Edgell