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Officials Training

MotorSport New Zealand has formalised a new training system for all official licence holders. This system, visualised above creates a clear training structure for our officials and ensures they’re well supported with regular training that is relevant. This will help ensure our officials are delivering the best service to our competitors by staying up to date with the latest rules and best practices in their roles.

Almost all of our current licensed officials have either completed or are scheduled to complete their Introductory Course, which is designed to bring everyone to the same level of training. The first of the Micro-Modules has been released for some officials roles with the Face-to-Face sessions being planned. The renewal modules are still under development.

We’re excited to see this new training system in action and we look forward to closely monitoring the outcomes it has for our competitors and the sport as a whole.

Find out more about the different Officials Licences or different Volunteer Officials roles.


Introductory Course

The aim of the iQualify online introductory courses is to have every Official reach the same benchmark competency. All official licence holders will be required to complete the introductory course, no matter how long you have held a licence. As of June 2022, almost all current Licensed Officials have either completed or are scheduled to complete this course.

All the courses are designed under the guidance of the Heads of Department to cover the main points of interest, any pinch points present at the time of putting it together and incorporate the necessary skills required to perform the role.

To ensure we cover the necessary areas, the courses are constructed to take approximately four hours in their entirety to complete however, each course is set over a 2–3-week period. This enables the learner to complete it in smaller sections at times that suits them rather than all in one go.

Once both the online course and the ZOOM wrap-up call are completed, the Officials License will be issued.


These micro-modules are designed to promote consistency nationwide enabling the delivery of best practices within each role.

The micro-modules are designed as small learning bites that take about 15-20 minutes to complete and will contain key pieces of information for specific official roles. The content of these micro-modules is created from areas that the Head of Department receive feedback about from events along with other important areas that are key to running events.

Each official role will aim to have two micro-modules released per year.

Face to Face Session

There will be one face-to-face session run for each official role per license period. They will be developed by the Head of Department and take place at specific locations around the Country.

Information on these sessions will be released by MotorSport New Zealand in the newsletters and by direct email.

Renewal Module

At the end of your licence period, each official will be required to take part in a renewal module.

This will be composed of information taken from both the micro-modules released throughout the license period and any areas that are significant at the time. They are designed to take around 30-45 minutes to complete. It will contain questions to ensure you understand the information previously covered.

This renewal module, along with the completion of the required micro-modules will need to be completed prior to the reissuing of an officials licence.


CourseStart DateEnd Date
CotC & CRO Micro Modules #1 1 February30 April
CotC & CRO Micro Modules #31 February30 April
Scrutineer Assessment Module1 May21 May
CotC Assessment Module1 June24 June
CRO Assessment Module1 June24 June
Cotc Intro Course3 July23 June
CRO Intro Course3 July23 June
CotC & CRO Micro Modules #2 1 August31 October
CotC & CRO Micro Modules #41 August31 October
Stewards Micro Module1 August31 October
Race CotC Face to Face Training Seminar27 August27 August
Cotc Intro Course2 October22 October
CRO Intro Course2 October22 October
Rally CotC Face to Face Training Seminar18 November18 November

For more information on Officials Training please contact Aaron Johnston on ‭+64 27 455 5401‬ or aaron@motorsport.org.nz