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Logbooks & Safety Cages

Safety in motorsport is the most important aspect of the sport. MotorSport New Zealand has a set of comprehensive vehicle safety regulations which vehicles must comply with before competing. One of the most common and well-known safety devices is a ‘safety cage’, which is a structure built into your vehicle to protect its occupants.

Logbooks are important documents that are used to record all the relevant information pertaining to a vehicle and its competition and safety history. All vehicles now have a new Digital Logbook available through the MotorSport New Zealand app.

Logbook & Safety Cage FAQs:

What is a Digital Logbook?

A record of the vehicle’s specifications and its competition history. This information is stored on our MotorSport Online platform and is available for you to view on the MotorSport New Zealand app.

Can I have a Logbook without a MotorSport New Zealand licence?

You do not need to have a MotorSport New Zealand licence to apply for a logbook. All you need is a MotorSport Online profile with a vehicle registered or linked to your profile.

How do I apply for a logbook?

All vehicles now have a free Digital Logbook available as part of MotorSport Online.

Can I get a replacement Safety Cage label?

No, only one label is ever made. You can use letter and number punches to put the cage number on the driver’s side reinforcement plate (where it is easily seen) then rub a contrasting colour paint into it.

How do I apply for a Safety Cage?

All Safety Structure applications must be made via MotorSport Online. This can be done on the “Vehicles” tab of your profile.

For helpful guides to managing your vehicle on MotorSport Online, including Safety Structure applications, click here.

If you require further assistance, please contact technical@motorsport.org.nz or call o4 815 8015 (opt. 2).