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Matthew Robinson and co-driver Sam Collis (Ford Escort Mk 2) have retained their early 2018 NZ Silver Fern Rally lead on the second day of competition in the King Country and north-east Taranaki today.

The British pair again won the majority of stages (4 of the 7 completed) and finished second in two of the other three to arrive in New Plymouth for the second overnight stop of the eight day international event with a lead of just over five minutes over top Kiwi pair Shane Murland and co-driver John Benton from Wellington in Murland’s Mk2 Escort.

Christchurch rally stalwart  Jeff Judd and visiting Belgian co-driver Stephen Prevot (Ford Escort Mk11) remain third a little over seven seconds back.

Slowly clawing back time – and positions on the leader board – after an early spin on the first day, is 2016 (South Island) Silver Fern Rally Historic category winner Meirion Evans and co-driver Lestyn Williams from Wales.

Acknowledged as an expert in the building, maintenance and driving of the period-correct BDA-engined RS1800 Mk 2 Ford Escorts which  more than half the Historic category entrants are driving, Evans won the final two stages of the day and finished a close second to  Robinson and Collis in two of the others to move from fifth to fourth place and will start the third day just 23 seconds adrift of Judd and Prevot.

The major position change of the day, meanwhile, came in the Challenge class for contemporary and/or modified historic cars.

Brent Taylor and  Dave Neill (Toyota GT86) started the day with a lead of 2.8 seconds over former New Zealand rally champ Brian Stokes and co-driving wife Anne in Stokes’ modified Mk 2 Ford Escort. But before he got a chance to add to that lead today, however, bracket in the engine bay holding the car’s throttle cable broke and the car ground to a halt in the second stage.

The pair were able to jury-rig a fix to get going again but lost a lot of time and were helpless to do anything as Charlie Evans and his co-driver Andrew Hooker (Mazda RX7) stormed back into contention  – and a class lead over the Stokes’ of just over a minute – after issues of their own on the first day.

Monday sees the NZ Silver Fern Rally head north then east with the next overnight stop in Ohakune.

2018 NZ Silver Fern Rally Hamilton-Rotorua Sat-Sat Nov 24-Dec 01


Day 2

  1. Matthew Robinson/Sam Collis (UK/UK) Ford Escort Mk2 4:25:25.8
  2. Shane Murland/John Benton (NZ/NZ) Ford Escort Mk2 +5:18.2
  3. Jeff Judd/Stephane Prevot (NZ/Belg) Ford Escort Mk2 +5:25.9
  4. Meirion Evans/Lestyn Williams (UK/UK) Ford Escort MK2 +5:49.9
  5. Roger Chilman/Max Freeman (UK/UK) Ford Escort Mk2 +7:35.3
  6. Brad & Stuart McFarlane (NZ/NZ) Porsche 911 +15:14.9
  7. Brent Rawstron/Ian McKee (NZ/NZ) Ford Escort Mk2 +15:40.7
  8. Simon Tysoe/Paul Morris (UK/UK) Ford Escort Mk2  +17:36.4
  9. Andrew Siddall/Alexander Lee (UK/UK) Ford Escort Mk2 +17:50.2
  10. Phil Squires/Nigel Hutchinson (UK/UK) Ford Escort Mk2 +21:42.9


  1. Charlie Evans/Andrew Hooker (NZ/NZ) Mazda RX7 4:32:11.4
  2. Brian Stokes/Anne Stokes (NZ/NZ) Ford Escort Mk2 +1:13.4
  3. Mike Goldsbury/Dan Wallis (NZ/NZ) Toyota Corolla DX +7:55.3
  4. Dave Strong/Rob Scott (NZ/NZ) Honda Civic Type R +10:51.3
  5. Brent Taylor/Dave Neill (NZ/NZ) Toyota GT86 +22:29.6
  6. Chris Ramsay/Mike Vincent (NZ/NZ) Toyota AE86 +33:38.7

CAPTION: Third overall are Jeff Judd and Stephane Prevot (Mk 2 Ford Escort). First pair not in a Mk 2 Ford Escort is Brad & Stuart McFarlane in their Porsche 911 in sixth place.

Photo credits: Fast Company/ProShotz

Prepared by FAST COMPANY on behalf of the Ultimate Rally Group.

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