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Restructure positions MotorSport New Zealand well for future

The board of MotorSport New Zealand has implemented a restructuring of its team and believes the organisation is now well-positioned for the future.

The board considered at length its responsibilities to its member clubs in reaching its decisions.

“When we proposed the restructure on 8 May, MotorSport New Zealand employed 12 people. Following detailed consultation with staff over the past few weeks, the office will now have a team of nine personnel with the skill set we believe enables MotorSport New Zealand to focus on the provision of core services and functions to member clubs, competitors and stakeholders.

“The organisation will continue to be well-placed to provide these services post Covid-19 and through 2021 as motorsport activity gets back to pre Covid-19 levels.”

The functions covered by the MotorSport New Zealand team include training, licencing, technical services, coordination of event calendars in conjunction with event organisers, safety, sporting regulations and governance. The team will be led by General Manager of Motorsport Elton Goonan who will also be the Acting CEO.

Christie says the revised staffing structure takes the overall cost back to a level the board believes better meets the resourcing needed for the current conditions.

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