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Safety Tips when customising your Overalls

Competitors must always wear overalls that completely cover the body from the neck to the wrists and ankles and ensure that the overalls, when combined with the balaclava (overlap at the neck), undergarments, gloves, and socks, guarantee at least two layers of protective clothing.

Competitors are permitted to customise their overalls to bring their own ‘style’ such as to include sponsors logos, their names, custom graphics or for any other reason they feel fit within the rules and regulations set out by MotorSport New Zealand and the FIA. There are, however, regulations on how these customisations must be done in order not the compromise the safety features of the overalls.

Correct use of a balaclava

Competitors have at their disposal three different ways to customise their clothing:

1. Printing and Transfer:
This process may only be undertaken by the clothing manufacturer. For FIA-approved 8856-2018 garments, any customisation via printing or transfer must be supported by a certificate from the manufacturer. This certificate may be supplied in paper format, via email, or directly accessed via QR code or NFC on the equipment. Although there are no customisation certificates for clothing approved in accordance with 8856-2000 standard, printing and/or transfer can only be done by the clothing manufacturer.

2. Embroidery:
Any embroidery sewn directly onto the garment must be stitched onto the outermost layer only to ensure better heat insulation (same regulation for 8856-2000 and 8856-2018 approved clothing).

3. Addition of badges:
The backing material of badges and the thread used for affixing them to the garment must be flameproof. The stitching of badges can go through all layers, provided that the thread is flameproof.

Protective clothing may be customised to suit the needs of a competitor with disabilities. However, these modifications must be carried out solely by the manufacturer. Once again, customised clothing approved in accordance with FIA 8856-2018 standard must be accompanied with a customisation certificate showing these modifications.

Finally, it is important to note that coloured dye is prohibited as it can change the properties of the materials and reduce the safety performance of the overalls.

If you’re not sure about customising your overalls, please contact the MotorSport New Zealand Technical Department for advice on 04 815 8015 (opt. 2) or techincal@motorsport.org.nz.


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