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MotorSport New Zealand’s ‘Back in Motion’ plan revealed

MotorSport New Zealand has released its ‘Back in Motion’ plan which outlines how motorsport events may take place under current COVID-19 restrictions. 

The plan and resources have been developed after extensive consultation with our commission and departments along with circuits and event organisers. Additional expert bodies such as the Ministry of Health, Sport NZ and Motorsport Australia were also used in the process to ensure we had covered all possible aspects.

The ‘Back in Motion’ document provides general guidelines for providing motorsport events during COVID-19 restrictions such as hygiene requirements, social distancing requirements and clarification around the number of people allowed at events.

Anyone entering a venue where a motorsport event is taking place must have their details recording for contact tracing. MotorSport New Zealand has developed a number of resources for event organisers to use such as:

  • a contact tracing system that event organisers can use if they do not have their own system in place. 
  • a venue plan checklist to ensure event organisers comply with the government guidelines around mass gatherings.

With social distancing requirements in place, it may not also be possible or appropriate for scrutineers to complete a physical safety audit prior to competition commencing. A self-scrutiny of vehicle safety has also been implemented as part of the resources. Competitors will need to complete the safety checklist and submit it with their event entry alongside photos of the vehicle’s last three logbook entries.

Officials and volunteers also have a set of guidelines to ensure their safety on events. The basis of the guidelines is minimising person to person contact, mainly ensuring documentation is completed electronically where practicable.

MotorSport New Zealand will be issuing permits from Thursday 21st May 2020 for event organisers who submit permit applications that meet the requirements outlined in the ‘Back in Motion’ document.

“We are excited to be back in motion,” said Elton Goonan, GM of Motorsport at MotorSport New Zealand.

“We know both our organisers and competitors are eager to get back behind the wheel and have some fun after being locked down for almost two months. These guidelines allow the sport to return, albeit in a limited capacity but as the government starts to lift restrictions, we will follow”

The full list of resources can be found on www.motorsport.org.nz/organiser. All competitors, crews, officials, volunteers and event organisers are encouraged to make themselves familiar with it prior to competing or attending events.

Event organisers are also reminded to visit www.motorsport.org.nz/covid-19 as we move into Alert Level 1 for the latest information. This document will be adjusted as government updates are made.

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