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What is an Autocross?

An Autocross is a relatively cheap form of motorsport, ideal for novices looking to get their first taste of competitive motorsport. The aim is to tackle a temporary course, usually between 800 and 1200 metres long and can be run either on a sealed surface like a carpark or unsealed surface like a paddock, against the clock. Despite the low overall speeds attained during competition, it’s one of the most intense, rapid-fire forms of motorsports you can enter, with barriers to entry low enough that many drivers are able to be quite competitive at it.

Autocrosses are an ideal environment in which to learn or improve car control skills. A course is laid out using plastic cones and the winner is the competitor with the fastest overall accumulated time from normally 3 or 4 runs. You run individually, with another car starting 30 seconds or so behind you with 2-3 cars on the track at once but well separated. Usually, there will be at least 3 courses, with 2 runs at each course with your best time out of the 2 counting.

Competitors range from the casual participant who may use their daily driver or the hard-core driver who has a dedicated competition car, special tires, and uses lots of vacation days to squeak out every last fraction of a second. In between the extremes, there are levels and classes for different degrees of car modification.

Whatever your level or car – there is a place for you in autocross.

If you are interested in taking part in an Autocross, please contact your local car club to find out when they may be running their next event.

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