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Revised Schedule Z – 12 June 2023

MotorSport New Zealand is releasing a new version of the rules that govern circuit racing, Schedule Z.

The new version of Schedule Z, announced on 1 May 2023, has significant changes to the incumbent version currently in use and therefore it is recommended all competitors, crews, officials and organisers familiarise themselves with the new version of Schedule Z which will take effect on 12 June 2023.

On this web page you will find all the information you need to ensure you get a grasp on all the changes in the new Schedule Z. Below is a link to the new Schedule Z, a summary of the key changes for competitors and officials as well as a education section where instructional videos and guides will be uploaded in the lead up to the 12 June implementation date of the new Schedule Z.



What are the Key Changes?

Here is a summary of the key changes to Schedule Z that you should be aware of.

Please note, this summary is only a summary and the changes highlighted below should be read in full in the official Schedule Z document.

  • Cancellation due to low numbers is now provided in the events Supplementary Regulations to allow organiser discretion.
  • Change of Driver must now be approved by the Clerk of the Course.
  • Written Drivers Briefing is now required for all events.
  • Qualifying – regulations have been clarified.
  • Reverse Grids – if a driver receives a penalty that gives a positive effect on a future reverse grid race, the penalty will be disregarded for the purpose of determining the grid.
  • Pit Exit closure time has been increased to 1 minute after vehicles are released.
  • Practice Start opportunities for practice starts have been clarified.
  • Rolling Starts now has a specified speed range of 75-85kph.
  • Handicap Starts are not allowed a ‘roll up’ and cars must remain stationary until their group receives a starting signal.
  • Safety Car Operation has been rewritten to avoid ambiguity (already released in December 2022).
  • Circuit Limits have been clarified
  • Code of Driving Conduct has been generalised with a Driving Guideline document released to support it.
  • Fuels and Handling have added detail about the regulations around handling fuel at motorsport events.
I don't understand something in Schedule Z - Help!

Don’t worry! MotorSport New Zealand is here to help you make sure you have a full understanding of the new Schedule Z.

If you haven’t already, check out the instructional videos and guides further down on this web page. Additional resources will be added as we approach the 12 June implementation.

If you’re still stuck, don’t worry, our team are here to help – please contact the person listed below that is relevant to your involvement in racing:

Why Change Schedule Z?

These changes in Schedule Z have come as a result of the first major review of the rules of circuit racing in New Zealand in a number of years.

Whilst Schedule Z has received incremental updates over the years, this review encompasses looking through the whole document to ensure it is fit for purpose and reflects modern motorsport and current practices.

The new Schedule Z better aligns the rules with the modern world of motorsport and clarifies some of the new terminology and processes that have recently become part of circuit racing.

Who was involved in changing Schedule Z?

The review and subsequent rewrite of Schedule Z was undertaken by a range of stakeholders including:

  • MotorSport New Zealand staff
  • Race Advisory Commission
  • Rules Committee
  • Driver Representative Panel