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The title “Grand Prix” has been in existence since the very early days of motorsport in the world.  In New Zealand this premier New Zealand race was recognised in 1950 on the Ohakea Air Force Base circuit.  It recommenced as our annual event in 1954 at Ardmore, another airfield circuit, and finally moved onto a permanent race track in 1963 at Pukekohe, where it remained until 1992 with the exception of the 1974 year being held in Christchurch at the Wigram Airfield as part of the Commonwealth Games.

The Motorsport Association of New Zealand Executive, in 1992, decided that this premier event should be open to other permanent circuits in New Zealand to host, hence the later years showing Manfeild and Ruapuna.

During the 1996 to 1998 period there was no contest for this event due to the demise of a New Zealand based premier single seater class.

However, in November 1998, in conjunction with MotorRace New Zealand Ltd, arrangement were concluded to restructure the Grand Prix based on a field of the Australian Formula Holden class thereby reintroducing the premier open wheel single seater class and providing the extra progression stage for the competitors.  With the demise of Formula Holden as a NZ Championship at the conclusion of the 2000/01 season  the title was allocated to the Formula Ford class with which it remained for four seasons.  The introduction of the Toyota Racing Series saw the title reallocated in the 2005/06 season to this NZ Championship

Award DateRecipientCar
Manfeild Circuit
2020Igor Fraga (BR)Toyota Tatuus FT60
2019Liam Lawson (NZ)Toyota Tatuus FT50
2018Richard Verschoor (NL)Toyota Tatuus FT50
2017Jehan Daruvala (IN)Toyota Tatuus FT50
2016Lando Norris (GB)Toyota Tatuus FT50
2015Lance Stroll (USA)Toyota Tatuus FT50
2014Nick Cassidy (NZ)Toyota Tatuus TT104ZZ
2013Nick Cassidy (NZ)Toyota Tatuus TT104ZZ
2012Nick Cassidy (NZ)Toyota Tatuus TT104ZZ
2011Mitchell Evans (NZ)Toyota Tatuus TT104ZZ
2010Earl Bamber (NZ)Toyota Tatuus TT104ZZ
2009Daniel Gaunt (NZ)Toyota Tatuus TT104ZZ
2008Andy Knight (NZ)Toyota Tatuus TT104ZZ
Teretonga Park
2007Daniel Gaunt (NZ)Toyota Tatuus TT104ZZ
2006Hamad Al Fardan (Bahrain)Toyota Tatuus TT104ZZ
2005Simon Gamble (NZ)Spectrum 010
2004Ken Smith MBE (NZ)Van Diemen Evo2
2003Jonathan Reid (NZ)Van Diemen RF94
2002Fabian Coulthard (NZ)Van Diemen RF94
Pukekohe Park
2000Andy Booth (NZ)Reynard 94D
Ruapuna Park
1999Simon Wills (NZ)Reynard 94D
1998Simon Wills (NZ)Reynard 94D
Manfeild Circuit
1995Brady Kennett (NZ)Reynard 91D
1994Greg Murphy (NZ)Reynard 90D
1993Craig Baird (NZ)Reynard 92H
1992Craig Baird (NZ)Reynard 92H
Pukekohe Park
1991Craig Baird (NZ)Swift Toyota
1990Ken Smith, MBE (NZ)Swift Cosworth
1989Dean Hall (USA)Swift Cosworth
1988Paul Radisich (NZ)Ralt RT4
1987Davy Jones (USA)Ralt RT4
1986Ross Cheever (USA)Ralt RT4
1985Ross Cheever (USA)Ralt RT4
1984Davy Jones (USA)Ralt RT4
1983David Oxton (NZ)Ralt RT4
1982Roberto Moreno (Brazil)Ralt RT4
1981Dave McMillan (NZ)Ralt RT1
1980Steve Millen (NZ)Ralt RT1
1979Teo Fabi (Italy)March 79
1978Keke Rosberg (Finland)Chevron B34
1977Keke Rosberg (Finland)Chevron B34
1976Ken Smith (NZ)Lola T332
1975Warwick Brown (Aus)Lola T332
Wigram Airfield
1974John McCormack (Aus)Elfin 5L
Pukekohe Park
1973John McCormack (Aus)Elfin 5L
1972Frank Gardner (Aus)Lola T300 5L
1971Niel Allen (Aus)McLaren M10B 5L
1970Frank Matich (Aus)McLaren M10A 5L
1969Chris Amon (NZ)Ferrari 2.4L
1968Chris Amon (NZ)Ferrari 2.4L
1967Jackie Stewart (GB)BRM 2.2L
1966Graham Hill (GB)BRM 2L
1965Graham Hill (GB)Brabham 2.5L
1964Bruce McLaren (NZ)Cooper 2.5L
1963John Surtees (GB)Lola 2.7L
Ardmore Circuit
1962Stirling Moss (GB)Cooper 2.5L
1961Jack Brabham (Aus)Cooper 2.5L
1960Jack Brabham (Aus)Cooper 2.5L
1959Stirling Moss (GB)Cooper 2.5L
1958Jack Brabham (Aus)Cooper 2L
1957Reg Parnell (GB)Ferrari 3.5L
1956Stirling Moss (GB)Maserati 250F
1955Prince B. Bira (Thailand)Maserati
1954Stan Jones (Aus)Maybach Special
Ohakea Circuit
1950John McMillan (NZ)Jackson Special

The Rally of New Zealand event was established in 1969.  Amongst its aims were to become the flagship event for both rallying in New Zealand and throughout the world. Apart form 1974 when a national fuel crisis dictated that it was inappropriate to organise this prestigious event has been held annually until 2009, when FIA policy alternated the event between New Zealand and Australia.

Award Date1st Driver2nd DriverCar
2013-2018Event Not Held
2012Sebastian LoebDaniel ElenaCitroen DS3
2011Event Not Held
2010Jari-Matti LatvalaMikka AnttilaFord Focus WRC
2009Event Not Held
2008Sebastian LoebDaniel ElenaCitroen C4
2007Marcus GronholmTimo RautianenFord Focus RS WRC 07
2006Marcus GronholmTimo RautianenFord Focus RS WRC 07
2005Sebastian LoebDaniel ElenaCitroen Xsara WRC
2004Petter SolburgPhilip MillsSubaru Impreza WRC 2004
2003Marcus GronholmTimo RautianenPeugeot 206 WRC
2002Marcus GronholmTimo RautianenPeugeot 206 WRC
2001Richard BurnsRobert ReidSubaru Impreza WRC 2001
2000Marcus GronholmTimo RautianenPeugeot 206 WRC
1999Tommi MakinenRisto MannisenmakiMitsubishi Lancer Evo 6
1998Carlos SainzLuis MoyaToyota Celica GT-Four
1997Kenneth ErikssonStaffan ParmanderSubaru Impreza 555
1996Richard BurnsRobert ReidMitsubishi Lancer Evo 3
1995Colin McRaeDerek RingerSubaru Impreza 555
1994Colin McRaeDerek RingerSubaru Impreza 555
1993Colin McRaeDerek RingerSubaru Impreza RS
1992Carlos SainzLuis MoyaToyota Celica GT-Four
1991Carlos SainzLuis MoyaToyota Celica GT-Four
1990Carlos SainzLuis MoyaToyota Celica GT-Four
1989Ingvar CarlssonPer CarlssonMazda 323 4WD
1988Joesf HaiderFerdinand HinterleitnerOpal Kadett GSI
1987Franz WittmannJorg PattermannLancia Delta HF 4WD
1986Juha KankkunenJuha PironenPeugeot 205 Turbo 16E2
1985Timo SalonenSeppo HarjannePeugeot 205 Turbo 16
1984Stig BlomqvistBjorn CederbergAudi Quattro
1983Walte RohrlChristian GeistdorferLancia Rally
1982Bjorn WaldegardHans ThorszeliusToyota Celica
1981Jim DonaldKevin LancasterFord Escort RS
1980Timo SalonenSeppo HarjanneDatsun 160J
1979Hannu MikkolaArne HertzFord Escort RS
1978Russell BrookesChris PorterFord Escort RS
1977Fulvio BaxxhelliFrancesco RossettiFiat Abarth 131
1976Andrew CowanJim ScottHillman Avenger
1975Mike MarshallArthur McWattFord Escort RS1800
1974Event Not Held
1973Hannu MikkolaJim PorterFord Escort RS1600
1972Andrew CowanJim ScottBLMC Mini 1275GT
1971Bruce HodgsonMike MarshallFord Cortina-Lotus
1970Paul AdamsDon FenwickBMW 2002
1969Grady ThompsonRick RimmerHolden Monaro
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