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MotorSport Online profile activation

UPDATE: Due to a small delay in the data migration from POSSUM, the new MotorSport Online platform will not launch to the public until the morning of Friday, 7 July. We thank you for your patience while we get the MotorSport Online platform ready!

At 12:00pm Monday, 3 July, POSSUM will be shut off in preparation for the new MotorSport Online platform launch. Over the next 24-36 hours you will receive an email with your login information to the new MotorSport Online platform.

When you receive this email, just sit tight – please don’t click the setup link just yet. Save the email and we’ll send you another email on Friday morning to let you know we’re ready for you to login to the new MotorSport Online platform for the first time.

This is to allow all the data from POSSUM to be migrated to the new MotorSport Online platform and give us time to do a quick systems check before we go live.

If you accidentally click the link, don’t worry – just complete the setup process. However, you’ll notice your profile won’t be complete as the data migration from POSSUM will still be in progress until we launch on Friday morning.

You may also receive additional emails during the data migration process. We apologise for the volume of emails that the new system may send during the data migration – but the good news is, it means everything is progressing nicely! Additional emails after the profile activation email can be disregarded.

We’re really looking forward to using the new MotorSport Online platform and can’t wait for all our competitors and officials to get their hands on it!

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