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MotorSport New Zealand approves Electric Vehicles for motorsport in New Zealand

MotorSport New Zealand has released the first version of its electric vehicle guidelines which will enable electric vehicles to compete at motorsport events in New Zealand.

The governing body for motorsport in New Zealand has been working with electrical engineers, battery experts, EV manufacturers, Fire and Emergency NZ, Member Clubs and other industry experts to develop the guidelines which will allow the safe inclusion of electric vehicles in motorsport events.

Electric vehicles present unique risks in terms of vehicle construction and safety, battery safety, environmental safety, event safety and human safety. The guidelines address these risks and outline requirements to eliminate or mitigate them.

“We’re really proud to be publishing the EV guidelines,” said Elton Goonan, CEO of MotorSport New Zealand.

“Electric and hybrid vehicles are a part of our future and there is a growing interest from our competitors who want to use them for competition in addition to a number of member clubs who are keen to allow EV’s to compett, particularly at ClubSport events.

“This is the first edition of the guidelines, and it will evolve as we all gain more experience in the use of EVs in a competition environment. We encourage clubs and licence holders to work with us as we see the introduction of this new technology into New Zealand motorsport.”

Electric vehicles have an ever-growing presence on New Zealand roads and are becoming more common in motorsport globally. Just like famous New Zealand motorsport engineer Bruce McLaren, a new era of ‘tinkerers’ are also beginning to modify and build their own electric vehicles to push the boundaries with this new technology.

While electric vehicles are now able to compete at motorsport events, competitors and event organisers are required to work with MotorSport New Zealand it they intend to run electric vehicles to ensure all safety measures are in place.

The MotorSport New Zealand electric vehicles guidelines are available at www.motorsport.org.nz/technical/ev and as part of Schedule A of the MotorSport Manual.

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