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OSCA Race Series

Official Series website: www.osca.co.nz
Official Series Facebook: www.facebook.com/kumhoOSCA


At present, there have been no amendments to the Series Regulations posted above. Check back regularly to ensure you have the most up to date copy of the Regulations for your class.


127-29 October 2023RuapunaDecisions
211-12 November 2023RuapunaDecisions
32-3 December 2023Teretonga ParkDecisions
427-28 January 2024Levels RacewayDecisions
52 March 2024Levels RacewayN/A
622-24 March 2024RuapunaN/A


NumberNameTotalRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6
1Cameron Jones63710812010810311385
5Steve Ross5408695938310677
53Brian Scott5338186938286105
155Simon Barry5316910088859198
58Pierre Neame392843586853963
96Terrence Phillips334167648668444
56Keiran Roberts33063745171710
57Jimmy Liemburg2603957078860
29Matt Dunn2507954684900
47Cameron Davies17300878600
116Brock Cooley16285770000
15Mark Meadows149610055330
26Gary Duncan14300008162
27Marty Russell11400575700
744Callum Stocker10700862100
95Mick Ross10000722800
11Geoff Washbourne100404100019
32Mike Goukd656500000
133Joshua Burgess646400000
61Jordan Rae580005800
122Mark Neville5700041160
57John MacKay530053000
16Laine Etwell525200000
247Mike McCarthy490004900
46David Feguson440004400
570Daniel Liemburg380000380
22Cody Welsh240002400
24Tony Herbert240002400
124James Askew220002200
57Ken Heslin190000019


YearPast Champion
2024Cameron Jones
2023Cameron Jones
2022M Gallagher
2021C Henderson
2020R Mortimer
2019L Etwell
2018G Duncan
2017R Austin
2016L Knowler
2015M Beeby
2014M Beeby
2013R Mortimer
2012C Hatton
2011L Knowler
2010C Dawson
2009C Dawson
2008L Knowler
2007C Dawson
2006G Washbourne
2005L Knowler
2004R Fanbert
2003L Knowler
2002L Etwell
2001C Dunn
2000P Williams
1999M Johnston
1998Terry Brown
1997Craig Gilbert
1996Craig Gilbert
1995Brett Willis
1994John Harcourt
1993John Harcourt
1992John Harcourt
1991Tony Rutherford
1990Mike Fitzgerald
1989Don Elvy
1988Rob Kennard
1987Michael Johnston
1986Avon Hyde
1985Trevor Crowe
1984Trevor Crowe
1983Rod Mcelrea
1982Trevor Crowe
1981Trevor Crowe
1980John Osborne
1979Inky Tulloch
1978Kevin Ryan
1977Ian Munt