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MotorSport New Zealand is committed to establishing a safe environment for young people.

This policy firmly emphasises that the welfare and interests of the young people in our care must come first and that their safety and protection is paramount. The purpose of this policy is to outline what is safe for young people within our Sport and to offer guidance on how to provide a safe sporting environment. This will assist in creating a great sporting experience as well as ensuring they are not subject to harm caused by an adverse social/or physical environment.

The general duty of care expected of those working with young people has been interpreted by the courts as being that of a ‘reasonably careful parent’. Although there is no definition of a reasonably careful parent, there are some indications that a person who does not take reasonable steps to ensure a child’s safety would be seen as negligent.

For the purposes of this policy and associated procedures, children or young people are recognised as people under the age of 18 years and this policy also includes conduct between youths.

Individuals who have direct contact/supervise youths under the MotorSport New Zealand banner need to be vetted by completing a form (upon request to the MotorSport New Zealand Office). The MotorSport New Zealand office will submit this to an independent panel (confidentially) on the individual’s behalf.

Child & Youth Protection Policy