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What is a Motorkhana?

A Motorkhana is an awesome opportunity for those that want to compete in motorsport on a very introductory level.  This being, you can turn up in the grocery getter, have the vehicle checked, get your game face on and compete!

Motorkhanas are normally run on a sealed surface, gravel area or even in a grass paddock.  These events are very low speed, and the course is set out with cones or flags.  The courses are limited to your imagination, but are limited to 200m in length.  Normally there are 3 or 4 tests with 2 attempts at each test.  The end of the test normally will result in the vehicle coming to a complete stop within a defined area like a garage or finish line.

Being a ClubSport event, drivers are able to compete as young as 12 years old, providing the venue allows for unlicensed drivers and the Clerk of the Course agrees.  Being a low-speed event, the main aim of the game is driver skill, and learning how to turn the steering wheel.  An event run recently by Eastern Southland Car Club saw an amazing 12 junior members compete, and of these, 2 only learned to drive a manual car the week of the event. Some younger members only know how to operate a sim, so the real thing is actually an eye opener. Along with this, the opportunity to create some smoke and leave some rubber on the ground (in a sealed event), in a safe and controlled environment.

The vehicles must be to a warrantable standard, seat must be secure, have operating seat belts, safe steering and good working brakes.  They do not have to be road going, so a cheap car to skid up is definitely a possibility.


Why not? A motorkhana is a great way to get a taste of motorsport at a low cost. You can even use your road car! Motorkhana’s, whilst an entry level event, also form part of the New Zealand ClubSport Championship – making it a bonefide motorsport discipline that is contested at the highest level in New Zealand.


Get in touch with your local car club, check out the motorsport scene and get out and compete. Make it a family affair, and have some friendly (or not so much) competition within the family unit. A great day out for not much money, and learn some skills to boot!

Get out there, and get amongst it!

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