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Redefined eligibility for Super Production as second season confirmed

Interest in the 2022 NZ Production Racing Championship title is gaining momentum as the category looks to race on the same grid as the TCR Championship this summer. Referred to as the Super Production Championship and class, it is expected to run a three-round series for factory-built race cars such as Golf Cup, Seat Cup, Renault Clio Cup cars, Mini Challenge Cars while other similar locally built cars will automatically be eligible.

“I am excited that this is the direction Super Production will head,” commented category manager Lindsay Dodd. “It was apparent after Highlands in April, that there was considerable interest in creating a production class around the cup cars. Equally, allowing NZ built cars will ensure that many already around the country will have an opportunity to compete at the highest level and for their own championship.”

Basic eligibility for an NZ built car is up to 15-years-old and a maximum capacity of 2 litres before any equivalence factor is applied.

“I envisage, from the initial discussions, the class will be attractive to many vehicles, both existing and new. It captures the production race car ethos and will produce close competitive racing on the premier calendar.”

NZ built cars will fit the general principle of a Cup car and must retain the overall production body and profile. There will be some freedom with brakes, suspension and ECU’s will be open. The addition of a rear wing will also be permitted in keeping with the factory Cup Cars.

“Anyone wanting to run in the class can apply for approval of their car’s eligibility.  We will be taking a fair and reasonable approach to this,” Dodd said.

Cars will also be allowed to run slick tyres while a BOP (Balance of Performance) pitstop will be applied to ensure close, competitive racing.

Like at the Highlands event, both TCR and Super Production cars will be on the same grid with two South Island rounds in January 2022 and one in the North Island either in late February or early March.  While the final dates are still to be confirmed, all three rounds will be at Speed Works promoted events.

“It is also important to point out, for the future, that during this season we will also look at EV’s and start discussions with interested parties as to how we may be able to incorporate these cars into future Super Production series. This fits into EV TCR’s that run as a separate series in Europe already.”

This season for the TCR category, TCR cars with DSG gearboxes will also be incorporated with the aim, numbers permitting, that these will run as a separate championship within the TCR Class.

Prospective competitors should contact category manager Lindsay Dodd for more information. M: 027 438 3997 E: lindsay@lindsaydodd.co.nz.

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