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NZ leads the way as CTFROC the first FIA Formula Regional championship to use fossil free fuel

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing New Zealand has confirmed that its Castrol Toyota FR Oceania Championship fleet of Toyota FT60 cars will switch full-time to P1 Fuels synthetic fuel.

A successful test programme means that all 20 cars in the forthcoming championship – which begins next month- will use 100% fossil-free fuel from P1 Fuels, pushing the New Zealand Championship to the sharp end of worldwide categories making steps towards a carbon-neutral future.

The five round Kiwi series will also be the first FIA Formula Regional championship to genuinely use 100% fossil-free fuel.

P1 Fuels is one of the leading companies in producing 100% fossil-free fuel. The synthetic fuel achieves a CO2 reduction of 77.4% compared to conventional petrol (from ‘well-to-wheel’). Looking at the combustion process (tank-to-wheel), P1 fuel is already closing the carbon cycle, as just as much CO2 is saved during production as is released during combustion.. It has also been proven to emit less NOx, HC and particulate matter.

The company has been working closely with the racing industry since 2018, being the exclusive fuel supplier of the FIA World Rally Championship.

TGRNZ sourced a small supply of the ground-breaking fuel – produced from converting alcohol into synthetic green hydrocarbons – from the Toyota WRC team at the Rally New Zealand event towards the end of 2022.

TGRNZ’s NZ introduction to the fuel began with an engine dyno testing programme on the 2.0L turbocharged unit used in the Toyota FT60 cars for its international single seater series. Minimal changes were required to the mapping of the engine and the test programme has run trouble free during 2023.

“There were absolutely no issues and the test programme has proved the cars to be fast and reliable with the P1 fuel,” explained Nicolas Caillol, TGRNZ’s Manager of Motorsport.

“We can see no reason why we cannot introduce the fuel as the spec fuel for the 2024 championship and future championships moving forward.

“Our goal is carbon neutrality with both of our domestic racing championships and to set new standards for environmentally conscious motorsport in New Zealand.”
CEO of P1 Fuels Martin Popilka added:”I’m thrilled to have TOYOTA GAZOO Racing New Zealand join us on our ambitious journey to replace fossil fuels in the racing industry but also for the 1.3 billion cars on our roads that would otherwise rely on fossil fuels. Our claim “fuels for change” exemplifies our commitment to immediate and impactful climate action through innovative, green solutions for all ICE vehicles,” said Martin Popilka, CEO of P1 Fuels.

TGRNZ is currently evaluating a switch to P1 fuel for its popular Toyota 86 Championship, and is targeting a switch to the fuel when the new model GR86 Championship begins in 2024-2025.

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