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LVV MotorSport Authority Cards

MotorSport NZ, in conjunction with NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) and the Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association (LVVTA), has formulated alternative standards for vehicles permanently modified for motor sport competitions which also need to be road-registered and used on public roads.

The MotorSport/LVV Authority Card is proof that a vehicle modified for motor sport purposes complies with accepted alternative standards (to those of the original manufacturer). The Authority Card details the owner, the vehicle and the applicable approved modifications. The Authority Card is recognised in the NZTA Rules and the LVV Code and is required in order to obtain a Warrant of Fitness. When an owner of a competition vehicle wishes to use it on a public road, it is a legal requirement to have an Authority Card issued by MotorSport NZ, if any of the following items are fitted / modified:

  • Competition safety harness
  • Roll protection that extends forward of the front seating positions and/or modifications that effect the interior impact rule
  • Removal of an airbag SRS system
  • Braided hydraulic brake lines
  • Hydraulic handbrake
  • Plastic glazing
  • Open (adjustable) brake bias system
  • The removal of a ‘manufacturer installed’ occupant protection system including the fitment of competition seats
  • The installation of a safety fuel tank and/or installation of dry break refuel adapters
  • The permanent disabling of a manufacturer installed Electronic Stability Control System

You must hold a current MotorSport NZ competition licence and the vehicle must have a competition logbook.

When an Authority Card expires and the owner wishes to continue using the vehicle specified in the Authority Card on public roads, the Authority Card must be renewed – this is irrespective of the current validity of the vehicle’s Warrant of Fitness.

Applying for or renewing an Authority Card should be done through MotorSport Online via the login/register link at the top of this page using your personal user name and password.

Watch the instructional video on applying for an Authority Card.


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