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Regulations and Updates

MotorSport Manual 36 has been published by Motorsport New Zealand and is updated from time to time to incorporate important corrections and amendments.

The MotorSport Manual Online contains all amendments published.

Details of the individual amendments are listed below.

Latest MotorSport Manual Amendments

Amendment NumberDate PublishedManual ReferenceReason
3602417 November 2020App. 6MotorSport New Zealand recommends familiarising yourselves with Appendix Six, with all new text changes highlighted.
3602317 November 2020Sch TTo provide clarification on when the six(6) kilometre limit applies.

To correct omission in Article 10.3.
3602213 November 2020NSC 15Review of National Sporting Code (Article 15) and the application of the Public Liability Insurance for
an event and clarification on the application of the excess payment (current excess value is $3,500).
3602119 October 2020Sch BTo financially assist those Member Clubs who take out more than one Organising Permit.
360201 October 2020Sch OTo ensure an appropriate level of consistency and competency in scrutineering at ClubSport Advanced events.
360191 October 2020Sch CTo ensure an appropriate level of consistency and competency in scrutineering at ClubSport Advanced events.

To remove the requirement for a full audit when passengers are carried and replace it with checking just the safety equipment that will be used by a passenger.
360185 August 2020Sch BUpdate fees and charges
360175 August 2020Sch LClarify the use of Temporary M Grade licences at ClubSport Advanced events.

Introduce a licence grade to cover Land Speed Records.
3601629 April 2020Sch CRemove incorrect reference
3601529 April 2020Sch BUpdate fees and charges
360149 January 2020Sch BUpdate fees and charges
360139 January 2020Sch A Part 1 & 2Amend safety requirements
360121 August 2019Sch A Article 7.1Adds mounting requirements for RallySafe and additional driver escape equipment.
3601118 July 2019Sch H P2 Art 6.4Amend Medical Intervention Vehicle manning levels
3601016 July 2019Sch Z Art 1
Sch Z Art 1
Sch Z Art 2.1(3)
Sch Z Art 8.5
Sch Z Art 10.6
Sch Z Art 13.2
Sch Z Art 14.3
Add Parc Ferme definition
Amends Practice definition
Amends Clubmans Race requirements
Amends start delayed procedure
removes ability for immediate exclusion
Amend red flag requirements
Clarification of driver actions at end of safety car deployment
3600911 July 2019Sch H P4 Art 1.3
Sch H P4 Art 2.3
Amend GPS requirements
Adds reference
3600811 July 2019Sch C Art 2.1
Sch C Art 2.2
Sch C Art 5.3
Sch C P2 Art 2.1
Sch C P3 Art 2
Deletion of Art 5.3 and references
Amends grid separation
Deletion of Art 5.3
Deletion of Art 5.3 and references
Deletion of Art 5.3 and references
3600711 July 2019Schedule P Article 5Amends Table of Penalties for Race events
3600618 June 2019Schedule L - Article 4.5To update the criteria needed for the upgrading from National to an International competition license.
3600518 June 2019Sch A Article 4
Sch A Article 4.6(2)
Sch A Article 5.2
Sch A Article 6.3
To clarify the acceptable usable standard for safety critical items.

To clarify the location of transponders for Scrutineers when they are required by the Supplementary Regulations.

To make the regulation more practicable.

To provide great accessibility to become an Accredited series in light of vehicle safety improvements since the creation of the rule.
3600414 May 2019NSC 2(1)Adds the definition of Accredited Series.
Amends the definition of Sanctioned Series.
3600310 April 2019Sch A Article 4.2
Sch A Article 4.3
Sch A Article 5.2
Sch A Article 5.4
Sch A Article 5.5
Sch A Article 5.6
Sch A Article 5.13
Amends FHR regulations.
Aligning underwear requirements with ClubSport Basic events.
Clarifies exhaust requirements.
Introduction of identification for vehicles using high energy electrical systems.
Introduction of identification method for vehicles using Li-Ion batteries.
Amends the requirement for Sports Racing Car brake lights.
Removes minimum height requirement for aerodynamic devices on Sports Racing Cars.
360024 December 2018Sch B Article 3
Sch T
Adds NZRC Cat 5 participation levy
Amendments to Schedule T (effective from 1 Jan 19).
3600119 September 2018Sch A Article 3.4(7)Amends the requirements of entries to vehicle logbooks.

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