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Regulations and Updates

MotorSport Manual 36 has been published by Motorsport NZ and is updated from time to time to incorporate important corrections and amendments.

The MotorSport Manual Online contains all amendments published.

Details of the individual amendments are listed below.

Latest MotorSport Manual Amendments

Amendment NumberDate PublishedManual ReferenceReason
3600119 September 2018Sch A Article 3.4(7)Amends the requirements of entries to vehicle logbooks.
360024 December 2018Sch B Article 3
Sch T
Adds NZRC Cat 5 participation levy
Amendments to Schedule T (effective from 1 Jan 19).
3600310 April 2019Sch A Article 4.2
Sch A Article 4.3
Sch A Article 5.2
Sch A Article 5.4
Sch A Article 5.5
Sch A Article 5.6
Sch A Article 5.13
Amends FHR regulations.
Aligning underwear requirements with ClubSport Basic events.
Clarifies exhaust requirements.
Introduction of identification for vehicles using high energy electrical systems.
Introduction of identification method for vehicles using Li-Ion batteries.
Amends the requirement for Sports Racing Car brake lights.
Removes minimum height requirement for aerodynamic devices on Sports Racing Cars.
3600414 May 2019NSC 2(1)Adds the definition of Accredited Series.
Amends the definition of Sanctioned Series.



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