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Competing Overseas

Competitors who wish to take part in competition organised overseas can do so with the prior approval of MotorSport NZ. We issue three types of Visas (also known as Permission from the ASN) for competing overseas: an International Visa, a Trans-Tasman Visa and a Foreign Participation Visa.

If you are planning on competing outside of NZ, it is important that you do not leave your Licence and Visa applications to the last minute.

International Visa

International Grade Licence holders wishing to compete in an event outside of New Zealand listed on the FIA International Sporting Calendar can do so without an extra application. All International Grade Licence cards include an International Visa and a Foreign Participation Visa. This grade of licence is also accepted in Australia for events run under Motorsport Australia without the need to apply for a Trans-Tasman Visa.

Tasman Visa – for competition in Australia only

The World Motor Sport Council of the FIA has approved a request made jointly by the Motorsport Australia (formally known as CAMS) and Motorsport New Zealand for mutual recognition of competition licences in accordance with the Trans-Tasman Agreement for events listed on the sporting calendars of each Governing Body. Other events may be selected for inclusion should both MotorSport NZ and Motorsport Australia agree.

To apply for a Trans-Tasman Visa, competitors should access the Licences tab in the MotorSport Online system and specify the name of the event/s they wish to compete in. By submission of the application for a Trans-Tasman Visa, the competitor shall agree to be bound by the rules (procedural, judicial and technical) of Motorsport Australia for the duration of the Visa.

Foreign Participation Visa – for competition overseas excluding Australia

Some overseas national events may be permitted by the host ASN to allow for foreign participation and will be detailed in the event’s supplementary regulations.  Licence holders wishing to compete in such an event must first obtain a Foreign Participation Visa and an International Medical card from MotorSport NZ. Please contact the office if you would like further information on this. Please note Foreign Participation Visas are automatically issued to International Licence holders.


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