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From the commencement of the 1990 Season MotorSport NZ first encouraged class registers and organiser groups to seek official sanctioning for the competitions they were running.

With the rewrite of the National Sporting Code in 1997 and the subsequent release of the sports strategic plan Towards 2010 in April 2000 the registers and organiser groups have now started to embrace the opportunities sanctioning brings.

This section records for history the Race champions of this tier of motorsport competitions.

2018-19G. Smith
2017-18G. Smith
2016-17G. Smith
2015-16G. Smith
2014-15G. Smith
2013-14G. Smith
2012-13G. Smith
2011-12B. Gray
2010-11C. Corlis
2009-10G. Brennan
2008-09C. Hansen
2018-19B. Verryt
2017-18H. Rose
2016-17J. De Veth
2015-16J. De Veth
2014-15A. Duffin
2013-14D. Geraghty
2012-13I. Hayr
2011-12J. Herbert
2010-11C. Proctor
2009-10W. Condor
2018-19S. Whitley
2017-18S. Whitley
2016-17S. Freeman
2015-16B. Verryt
2014-15E. Budd
2013-14R. Killingback
2012-13B. Cooley
2011-12B. Harris
2010-11K. Hyde
2009-10A. Cowan
2008-09M. Thompson
2018-19R. Greenland
2017-18D. Jeffery
2016-17G. Cox
2015-16G. Cox
3 Hour
2019G. Smith & J. De Veth
2018S. Gilbertson & J. McIntyre
2017S. Evans, G. Rollinson
2016N. Foster, J. Reid & S. Fillmore
2015I. Tulloch & J. McIntyre
1 Hour
2019M. Whittaker
2018C. McCormack
2017M. Whittaker
2016M. Whittaker
2015I. Hayr
3 Hour
2019N. Foster / J. ReidAudi R8 LMS GT3
2018N. Foster / J. ReidAudi R8 LMS GT3
2017D. Carter / M. CarterMercedes AMG
2016A. McFarlane / G. McFarlanePorsche 997 Cup R
2015M. Carter / D. CarterFord Falcon BF
2014A. Bagnall / A. PedersenPorsche 997 GT3
2013P. Kelly / D. GauntPorsche 997 GT3
2012P. Kelly / D. GauntPorsche 997 GT3
2011P. Kelly / K. BellPorsche 997 GT3
2010A. Dippie / G. AitkenPorsche 996 GT3
2009M. Carter / D. CarterFord Falcon AU
2008M. Morton / J. VincentPorsche 996 GT3
2007M. Carter / D. CarterFord Falcon AU
2006A. McFarlane / M. BushellPorsche 996 GT3
1 Hour
2019S. Small / J. SmallPorsche 997.2 Cup
2018C. HendersonToyota AE86.2 V8
2017C. HendersonToyota AE86 V8
2016N. FosterAudi R8 LMS GT3
2015H. GardinerPorsche 997 GT3
2014H. GardinerPorsche 997 GT3
2017-18B. Cooper
2016-17P. Whitcombe
2015-16B. Porter
2014-15B. Porter
2013-14D. Swinburne
2012-13A. Newell
2011-12A. Newell
2010-11S. Wenzlick
2009-10S. Wenzlick
2008-09S. Wenzlick
2007-08S. Wenzlick
2006-07S. Wenzlick
2017-18CupC. Paddon
2017-18TrophyNot contested
2016-17CupJ. Ashwell
2016-17TrophyB. Porter
2015-16CupW. Christie
2015-16TrophyJ. Ashwell
2014-15J. Ashwell
2013-14W. Christie
2012-13B. Thompson
2011-12R. Keeler
2010-11T. Sutherland
2009-10G. Sutherland
2008-09S. Grace
2007-08N. Blomquist
2006-07B. Sutherland
2017-18D. Chung
2016-17L. Prouting
2015-16D. Skoric
2014-15S. Hanwright
2013-14M. Brook
2012-13B. Cooper
2011-12D. Swinburne
2010-11D. Swinburne
2009-10M. Brook
2008-09K. Boult
2007-08P. Grant
2006-07J. Stoneman
2005-06M. Annette
2004-05D. Dovey
2003-04C. Pither
2002-03C. Pither
2001-02S. Wigston
2000-01S. Wenzlick
1999-2000C. Pestorius
1998-99B. O'Brien
1997-98J. Stoneman
1996-97J. Beetham
1995-96D. Slater
1994-95S. Blind
1993-94M. Starnes
1992-93A. Bowler
1991-92M. Small
1990-91R. Laing
2017-18G. Duncan
2016-17R. Austin
2015-16L. Knowler
2014-15M. Beeby
2013-14M. Beeby
2017-18R. Hill
2016-17W. Davies
2015-16G. Taylor
2014-15D. Robinson
2013-14T. Elmiger
2012-13D. Robinson
2011-12M. Johnston
2010-11B. McKinnon
2009-10J. Warn
2008-09J. Haworth
2007-08A. Stevenson
2006-07A. Stevenson
2005-06J. Haworth
2004-05J. Haworth
2003-04B. McKinnon
2002-03J. Haworth
2001-02S. Lamont
2000-01G. Sprague
1999-2000D. Perkins
1998-99G. Sprague
1997-98G. Sprague
1996-97G. Short
1995-96G. Sheweiry / D. Mitchell
1994-95G. Sheweiry
1993-94A. Collier
1992-93A. Collier
1991-92G. Sprague
1990-91B. Dalgety
Mazda Racing North Island
2019-20Roger Beuvink
2018-19B. Killip
2017-18A. Jackson
2016-17R. Beuvink
2015-16G. Martin
2014-15G. Martin
Mazda Racing NZ Title
2019-20Keith Wilkinson
2018-19Keith Wilkinson
2017-18A. Jackson
North Island Pro-7 Sanctioned Series
2016-17P. Kerr
2015-16Not Contested
2014-15D. Smith
2013-14T. Loving
2012-13B. Smith
2011-12M. Gibson
2010-11P. Kerr
2009-10P. Blythe
2008-09S. Ferguson
2007-08P. Blythe
2006-07B. Killip
2005-06B. Killip
2004-05B. Gay
2003-04A. Prosser
2002-03A. Judd
2001-02G. Bradburn
2000-01S. Caughey
1999-2000A. Harris
1998-99R. Powell
1997-98R. Powell
1996-97L. McKnight
1995-96L. McKnight
1994-95K. Harper
1993-94S. Blind
1992-93G. Taylor
NZ Pro-7 Sanctioned Series
2017-18S. Wallace
2016-17J. Milligan
2015-16G. Martin
2014-15H. Collins
2013-14G. Gilbert
2012-13D. McMillan
2011-12J. Parmenter
2010-11J. Parmenter
2009-10J. Parmenter
2008-09A. Duffin
2007-08B. Killip
2006-07E. Bell
2005-06E. Bell
2004-05D. Williams
2003-04H. Cross
2002-03H. Cross
2001-02H. Cross
2000-01R. Lewis
1999-2000R. Lewis
1998-99B. Collins
1997-98B. Collins
1996-97W. Henshaw
1995-96A. Cockram
North Island Pro-7 Plus Sanctioned Series
2018-19D. Smith
2017-18J. Allen
2016-17T. Forster
2015-16H. Collins
2014-15S. Harrison
2013-14J. Parmenter
2012-13D. McMillan
2011-12D. McMillan
2010-11J. Parker
2009-10M. Lockwood
2008-09M. Lockwood
2007-08A. Duffin
2006-07A. Duffin
2005-06L. McKnight
NZ Pro-7 Plus Sanctioned Series
2018-19D. Smith
2017-18J. Allen
2016-17B. Timperley
2015-16S. Harrison
2014-15S. Harrison
2013-14J. Parmenter
2017-18Class 1B. Paterson
2017-18Class 2R. Tosach
2017-18Class 3M. Butchart
2016-17M. Collins
2015-16E. Anderson
2014-15M. Collins
2005-2014Not Sanctioned
2004-05R. Toshach
2003-04M. Doran
2002-03R. Millen
2001-02M. Rutherford
2000-01D. Gaunt
2017-18T. Dossett
2016-17T. Dossett
2015-16G. Duncan
2014-15G. MacKenzie
2013-14G. Duncan
2012-13G. Duncan
2011-12M. Edgar
2010-11C. Small
2009-10N. Stowell
2008-09N. Stowell
2007-08N. Stowell
2006-07K. Bartlett
2005-06Not Sanctioned
2004-05J. Mather
2003-04K. Bartlett
2002-03C. Henderson
2001-02M. Archbold
2000-01S. Richardt
2017-18J. Dunning
2016-17M. Jane
2015-16A. Te Rito
2014-15B. Killip
2013-14A. Te Rito
2012-13A. Duffin
2011-12A. Te Rito
2010-11J. Herbert
2009-10M. Glen
2008-09M. Crawford
2007-08T. Goldsmith
2006-07T. Goldsmith
2005-06T. Goldsmith
2004-05Not Sanctioned
2003-04Not Sanctioned
2002-03B. Gray
2001-02B. Gray
2000-01B. Gray
1999-2000B. Gray
1998-99G. Kilworth
1997-98B. Roycroft
1996-97M. Harrowfield
1995-96B. Roycroft
2017-18B. Robson
2016-17B. Robson
2015-16S. Midgley
2014-15B. Robson
2013-14E. Heron
2012-13E. Heron
2011-12S. Midgley
2010-11E. Heron
2009-10K. Townsend
2008-09W. Heron
2007-08K. Yarrall
2006-07M. Haggerty
2005-06J. Ingram
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