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From 1949 until 1955-56 there were annual road races held in New Zealand which stood in as official championship events.  But, in the 1956-57 season the Association of New Zealand Car Clubs instituted a Gold Star Driver’s Award for Race (Single Seater class), Hillclimbs and Trials.  Racing  has evolved over the years in New Zealand into two distinct categories, Single Seater and Saloons.  To truly recognise this at premier level in the 1996-97 season a Gold Star Saloon was introduced as an adjunct to the other Gold Star Single Seater award.

2020-21Matthew PayneToyota Tatuus FT-60
2019-20Igor Fraga (Brazil)Toyota Tatuus FT-60
2018-19Liam LawsonToyota Tatuus FT-50
2017-18Robert Shwartzman (Russia)Toyota Tatuus FT-50
2016-17Thomas Randle (Australia)Toyota Tatuus FT-50
2015-16Lando Norris (Great Britain)Toyota Tatuus FT-50
2014-15Lance Stroll (Canada)Toyota Tatuus FT-50
2013-14Andrew Tang (Singapore)Toyota Tatuus FT-40
2012-13Nick CassidyToyota Tatuus FT-40
2011-12Nick CassidyToyota Tatuus FT-40
2010-11Mitch EvansToyota Tatuus FT-40
2009-10Mitch EvansToyota Tatuus FT-40
2008-09Mitch CunninghamToyota Tatuus FT-40
2007-08Andy KnightToyota Tatuus FT-40
2006-07Daniel GauntToyota Tatuus FT-40
2005-06Daniel GauntToyota Tatuus FT-40
2004-05Not contested
2003-04Tim EdgellFormula Ford
2002-03Jonny ReidFormula Ford
2001-02Fabian CoulthardFormula Ford
2000-01Andy BoothFormula Holden
1999-2000Simon WillsFormula Holden
1998-99Simon WillsFormula Holden
1997-98Not contested
1996-97Not contested
1995-96Not contested
1994-95Greg MurphyFormula Brabham
1993-94Greg MurphyFormula Brabham
1992-93Craig BairdReynard
1991-92Craig BairdReynard
1990-91Craig BairdSwift
1989-90Ken SmithSwift
1988-89D. Hall (USA)Swift
1987-88Paul RadisichRalt RT4
1986-87Ken SmithRalt RT4
1985-86Not contested
1984-85Ken SmithRalt RT4
1983-84Ken SmithRalt RT4
1982-83Not Contested
1981-82R.D. OxtonRalt RT4
1980-81R.D. OxtonRalt Ford
1979-80D.H. McMillanRalt Ford
1978-79D.H. McMillanRalt Ford
1977-78R. StoneCuda Ford
1976-77D.H. McMillanRalt Ford
1975-76K.J. SmithLola Chevrolet
1974-75G.H. LawrenceLola Chevrolet
1973-74R.D. OxtonBegg Chevrolet
1972-73R.D. OxtonBegg Chevrolet
1971-72R.D. OxtonBegg Chevrolet
1970-71G.H. LawrenceFerrari
1969-70G.P. McRaeBegg Chev (and McLaren Chev)
1968-69R.A. LevisBrabham FVA
1967-68K.J. PalmerMcLaren FVA
1966-67R.A. LevisBrabham Ford
1965-66K.J. PalmerLotus Climax
1964-65K.J. PalmerBrabham Climax
1963-64K.J. PalmerCooper Climax
1962-63A.N. HyslopCooper Climax
1961-62P.M. HoareFerrari
1960-61D.C. HulmeCooper Climax
1959-60S.H. JensenCooper Climax
1958-59B. McLarenCooper Climax
1957-58W.P.R JensenMaserati
1956-57W.P.R JensenFerrari (and Austin Healey)

Racing  has evolved over the years in New Zealand into two distinct categories, Single Seater and Saloons.  To truly recognise this at premier level in the 1996-97 season a Gold Star Saloon was introduced as an adjunct to the other Gold Star Single Seater award.

2018-19Not contested
2017-18Not contested
2016-17Not contested
2015-16Not contested
2014-15Not contested
2013-14Not contested
2012-13A.J. LauderFord Falcon BA
2011-12A. FoggFord Falcon BA
2010-11J. McIntyreFord Falcon BA
2009-10C. Baird, MNZMFord Falcon BA
2008-09K. ScottFord Falcon BA
2007-08J. McIntyreFord Falcon BA
2006-07J. McIntyreFord Falcon BA
2005-06K. ScottHolden Commodore VY
2004-05A. BoothHolden Commodore VY
2003-04Not contested
2002-03Not contested
2001-02P. PedersenTraNZam
2000-01A. StichburyTraNZam
1999-2000C. BairdTraNZam
1998-99S. DrakeTraNZam
1997-98Not contested
1996-97A. StichburyTraNZam
2020-21Matthew Payne
2019-20I. Fraga (Brazil)
2018-19L. Lawson
2017-18R. Swartzman (Russia)
2016-17T. Randle (Australia)
2015-16L. Norris (Great Britain)
2014-15L. Stroll (Canada)
2013-14A. Tang (Singapore)
2012-13N. Cassidy
2011-12N. Cassidy
2010-11M. Evans
2009-10M. Evans
2008-09M. Cunningham
2007-08A. Knight
2006-07D. Gaunt
2005-06D. Gaunt

MotorSport NZ granted championship status for this class, originally titled TraNZam Lights, with the commencement of the 1996-97 season. This class was renamed NZV8 Touring Cars at the commencement of the 1998-99 season. From the 2012-13 season the new generation TLX car was introduced.

Class 1
2018-19J. Smith (Australia)
2017-18A. Heimgartner
2016-17S. Evans
2015-16S. Evans
2014-15J. Bargwanna (Australia)
2013-14N. Ross
2012-13J. Bargwanna (Australia)
Class 2
2018-19J. Ashwell
2017-18L. MacDonald
2016-17L. MacDonald
2015-16B. Cooley
2014-15K. Williams
2013-14I. Booth
2012-13A.J. Lauder
2011-12A. Fogg
2010-11J. McIntyre
2009-10C. Baird, MNZM
2008-09K. Scott
2007-08J. McIntyre
2006-07J. McIntyre
2005-06K. Scott
2004-05A. Booth
2003-04A. Booth
2002-03M. Pedersen
2001-02A. Stichbury
2000-01P. Manuell
1999-2000M. Pedersen
1998-99P. Pedersen
1997-98W. Huxford
1996-97G. Taylor

This championship was introduced in the 2013-14 season for Toyota TR 86 cars.

2021-22Rowan Shepherd
2020-21Rowan Shepherd
2019-20Peter Vodanovich
2018-19C. Hedge
2017-18J. Milligan
2016-17R. Yardley
2015-16A. Blewett
2014-15T. Alexander
2013-14J. McNee
Class 1
2021-22Alex Crosbie
2020-21James Penrose
2019-20Billy Frazer
2018-19Jordan Michels
2017-18Callum Hedge
2016-17Liam Lawson
2015-16Michael Scott
2014-15Taylor Cockerton
2013-14Jamie Conroy
2012-13James Munro
2011-12Andre Heimgartner
2010-11Andre Heimgartner
2009-10Martin Short
2008-09Richie Stanaway
2007-08J. Whelan
2006-07S. MacNeill
2005-06S. Van Gisbergen
2004-05S. O'Brien
2003-04T. Edgell
2002-03J. Reid
2001-02F. Coulthard
2000-01J. Cressey
1999-2000P. Hellebrekers
1998-99L. Stevenson
1997-98G. Tullett
1996-97S. Dixon
1995-96G. Tullett
1994-95S. Drake
1993-94A. Stichbury
1992-93A. Stichbury
1991-92G. Croft
1990-91A. McElrea
1989-90P. Larsen
1988-89G. Campbell
1987-88C. Baird
1986-87S. Higgins
1985-86C. Coleman
1984-85J. Crawford
1983-84S. Richards
1982-83K. Ingram
1981-82M. King
1980-81J. Pascoe
1979-80M. King
1978-79M. Finch
1977-78G. Campbell
1976-77E. Morgan
1975-76D. McMillan
1974-75G. Walker
1973-74P. Hughes
1972-73D. McMillan
1971-72R.D. Oxton
Class 2
2021-22Liam Sceats
2020-21James Penrose
2019-20James Penrose
2018-19James Penrose
2017-18R. Toshach
2016-17M. Collins
2015-16A. Collins
2014-15S. Heffernan
Class 3
2018-19A. Downs
2017-18M. Butchart
2016-17A. Downs
2015-16R. Mckenzie
2014-15R. McKenzie
2013-14R. Bayer
2018-19T. Wheeler
2017-18T. Wheeler
2016-17T. Wheeler
2015-16T. Wheeler
2014-15A. Porter
2013-14J. Hepburn
2012-13S. Zammit (Australia)
2011-12S. Zammit (Australia)
2010-11M. Little
2009-10M. Little
2008-09M. Little
2007-08K. Scott
2006-07J. Hepburn
2005-06A. Porter
2004-05A. Porter
2003-04A. Porter
2002-03I. Tulloch
2001-02I. Tulloch
2000-01R. Porter
1999-2000R. Porter
1998-99I. TullochL. Stevenson
1997-98I. Tulloch
1996-97R. Salter
1995-96R. Salter
1994-95R. Salter
1993-94R. Salter
1992-93A. Hyde
1991-92R. Porter
1990-91A. Hyde
1989-90Jointly - D. Hulme and A. Hyde
2018-19M. Neville
2017-18P. Kelly
2016-17M. Whittaker
2015-16M. Whittaker
2014-15I. Hayr
2013-14T. James
2012-13I. Hayr
2011-12I. Hayr
2010-11I. Hayr
2009-10I. Hayr
2008-09M. Baker
2007-08S. Neville
2006-07S. Neville
2005-06J. Warring
2004-05M. Eady
2003-04M. Weeks
2002-03B. Riley

Originally named Formula Vee with the commencement of the 1998-99 season this class was renamed Formula First.

2020-21Chris Symon
2019-20Reece Hendl-Cox
2018-19Reece Hendl-Cox
2017-18Callum Crawley
2016-17Bramwell King
2015-16M. Shepherd
2014-15M. Shepherd
2013-14R. Shepherd
2012-13R. Shepherd
2011-12M. Higham
2010-11M. Shepherd
2009-10M. Shepherd
2008-09I. Foster
2007-08C. Field
2006-07S. Allison
2005-06M. Shepherd
2004-05M. Russ
2003-04L. Francis
2002-03P. Butler
2001-02M. Shepherd
2000-01M. Shepherd
1999-2000D. Payne
1998-99N. Luxford
1997-98M. Rohloff
1996-97C. Greenwood
1995-96D. Martin
1994-95R. Lester, MNZM
1993-94S. Dixon
1992-93D. Kalasih
1991-92D. Martin
1990-91C. Maxwell
1989-90T. Natusch
1988-89R. Symon
1987-88R. Symon
1986-87R. Symon
1985-86R. Symon
1984-85R. Lester, MNZM
1983-84R. Coles
1982-83R. Coles
1981-82C. Abbott
1980-81R. Coles
1979-80S. Cameron
1978-79R. Lester, MNZM
1977-78M. King
1976-77D. Halliday
1975-76I. Hodge
1974-75N. Lankshear

MotorSport NZ granted championship status for this Endurance Series with the commencement of the 2014 season.

Three Hour Championship
2021Neil Foster / Jonny ReidAudi R8
2020Alex Riberas / Darren KellyAston Martin Vantage GT3
2019Neil Foster / Jonny ReidAudi R8
2018Neil Foster / Jonny ReidAudi R8
2017S. Evans / C. QuinHolden Commodore VE
2016S. Evans / G. RollinsonAudi R8
2015I. Tulloch / J. McIntyreCamaro GT3
2014A. Bagnall / A. PedersenPorsche 997 GT3
2013P Hood / A Harris
2012S. Ellingham / J. LesterPorsche 997 GT3
One Hour Championship
2021John De VethMcLaren
2020Marco SchelpPorsche 911 GT3 Cup
2019N. ChesterHolden Commodore
2018M. CarterMercedes AMG SLS
2017S. HodgsonFord Falcon V8 Supercar
2016J. OwensPorsche 997 GT3
2015H. GardinerPorsche 911 GT3
2014H. GardinerPorsche 911 GT3
2013M. Dovey
2012K. McBeathPanoz GT
2018-19M. Spratt
2017-18R. Moore
2016-17R. Moore
2012-16Not a Championship
2011-12A. Waite
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