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Get involved: The importance of volunteers

For many people, becoming a motorsport volunteer, as a marshal or an official, is a great way of getting close to the action without being in the driver’s seat.

Volunteer officials are a vital part of motorsport at every level and without them the sport could not function.

Officials ensure that events are conducted safely, fairly and that the rules and regulations are upheld. Every motorsport event requires a number of officials with various skills to perform a wide range of tasks. Events such as the New Zealand round of the Supercars Championship need over 1,000 officials, whereas a club-level motorkhana or hillclimb need only a few.

Motorsport volunteers will tell you of the many benefits they enjoy through their involvement with the sport, such as:

  • Friendship and comradery
  • Learning new skills
  • Enjoying new opportunities and experiences
  • Satisfaction of contributing to a sport they love
  • Potential for personal and professional growth and development

MotorSport NZ recognises the important role that our volunteers play in helping make motorsport at all levels possible. We work with the MSNZ Volunteers Advisory Commission to utilise public campaigns such as the annual FIA Volunteer Day and Volunteer New Zealand’s Volunteers Week to help promote the role of volunteers in motorsport and express our appreciation for the many hours of dedication to our sport.

The MSNZ Volunteers Advisory Commission is one of seven commissions all staffed by volunteers who work on the regulations, processes and protocols specific to their area of the sport, and report to the MotorSport NZ Board and CEO. It is the Commission’s role to ensure that our volunteers are managed well, looked after in terms of health and safety regulations, are trained for their role, and are recognised for their contributions to the sport. The Commission is also tasked with volunteer recruitment and retention. As you can see, we take the business of volunteering in motorsport seriously, with due consideration for the effort, time and energy that our volunteers contribute to running motorsport in New Zealand.

The MSNZ Volunteer Register is a national database which allows communication to and from our valued motorsport volunteers. If you’re interested in becoming a motorsport volunteer, you’re welcome to join the register as a prospective volunteer to find out more about opportunities that may be of interest to you.

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