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By Constitutional powers this title may only be awarded to a past President of MotorSport NZ whom in the opinion of the sport has given extraordinary levels of service and commitment to motorsport above and beyond what is expected.

Award DateRecipient
2016 -Shayne Harris
2010 - 2020Steven Kennedy
1998 -Morrie Chandler ONZM
1977 - 1997Ron Frost MBE

In 1965 the Motorsport Association of New Zealand inaugurated the Award of Merit to be awarded to persons who have given outstanding service to the sport in New Zealand.

Award DateRecipient
2023Deb Day
2021Chris Grant
2019Janet Phipps
2018Norman Oakley
2017Stuart MacLean
2017Carl Rabbidge
2016David Kirk
2015Roger Laird
2015Steph Harris
2012Ian Snellgrove
2012Jim Scott
2011Raymond 'Crunch' Bennett
2011Barry Higham
2010Willard Martin
2009Campbell Robertson
2008Tony Herbert
2007Graeme 'Robbo' Robertson)
2006Martin Fine
2003Paul Te Punga
2002Wayne Scott
2001Murray Starnes
2000Pat Higgins
1999Steven Kennedy
1999Jane Black
1998John 'J.T' Osborne
1997Ross Montgomery
1993W. (Wendy) Lester
1988Len Bell
1987Rob Lester
1984Morrie Chandler, ONZM
1984Trevor) Birch
1983Keith Douglas
1981Eric Mallard, MNZM
1975John Trevor
1975Jack Brewer
1975Ron Frost, MBE
1968Ivan Daikee
1967Ford Farland
1966Ivan Parton, (posthumously)

In 1998 the Constitution was amended to allow for this new title in recognition of those persons who the sport considered had given or continue to give distinguished service to motorsport above and beyond that expected.

Award DateRecipient
2021Peter 'PJ' Johnson
2016Wade Paterson
2014Eric Mallard
2011Sir Pat Higgins
2010Graeme 'Robbo' Robertson
2009Wayne Scott
2008Paul Te Punga
2002Keith Douglas
2002William 'Bill' Forsyth
2002Russell Jenkins
2002Steven Kennedy
2002John 'J.T' Osborne
1998Rob Lester

In 1988 the Executive Committee established this title to recognise exemplary and outstanding service to the MotorSport NZ Stewarding Department at both National and Local Level.

Award DateRecipient
2021Steven Kennedy
2016Barry Higham
2013Dale Crossley
2013Wayne Scott
2011Kelvin Booth
2010Grahame Knight
2009John Pierson
2008Bevin Wilson
2007Alan Curry
2004Wade Paterson
2003Ray Spence
1996Stuart Maclean
1993Allan Gough
1993Bill Forsyth
1992Jim Scott
1992Bill Kelly
1991John Thomson
1991Lawrie Powell
1991Leo Irvin
1990Ross Tillson
1988Jack Young

Established in 2019 in recognition of outstanding service to the MotorSport NZ Clerk of Course Department.

Award DateRecipient
2022Graham Mortensen
2021Willard Martin
2021Roger Laird
2019Graeme 'Robbo' Robertson

Established in 1992 in recognition of outstanding service to the MotorSport NZ Technical Department.

Award DateRecipient
2021Neil Madden
2017Graham HIll
2015Barry Carrington
2015Ron McMIllan
2014John Wigston
2013Rex Clark
2007Dave McCahon
2003Mark Sheehan
2003Lloyd Robinson
1998Tony Marsh
1998Garry Pedersen
1997Ian Snellgrove
1997Glenn Johnston
1992Craig Hawthorne

In 2000 MotorSport New Zealand introduced this award to recognise the actions of an individual who either through vision or commitment or a special set of circumstances, have brought credit to the sport and themselves.  Ron Frost MBE was a person of great passion and vision for the sport and through this vision and commitment the Tasman Series became an international success.  He also applied the same creativity to ensure that permanent race venues became a reality in the North Island.  His efforts were recognised by the sport with admittance to the MotorSport Wall of Fame and an Award of Merit and by the NZ Government and Royal assent an MBE for services to motorsport.  Any holder of this prestigious award will be in great company.

Award DateRecipient
2023James Watson
2022Norman Oakley
2022Roger Oakley
2021Brendon White
2021Andrew Hawkeswood
2019Willard Martin
2017Tony Quinn
2016Rodney Millen
2015Jim Barclay
2012Barrie and Louise Thomlinson
2011Chris Watson and Tony Roberts
1998Garry Pedersen
2007Grant Aitken
2006Kerry Cooper
2000Ian Gamble

This award was inaugurated in 1979 to honour those persons, who not being a member of the motorsport movement had, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, given exemplary service to the sport outside their employment and association with it.

Award DateRecipient
2022Tony Herbert
2022Ross MacKay
2021Chris Parker
2021Brian Littlewood
2019Bob McMurray
2019Dale Perry
2018Geoff Ridder (Media Photographer)
2017Euan Cameron (Media Photographer)
2016Donn Anderson (Media Journalist)
2016Terry Marshall (Media Photographer)
2015John Fowke (Toyota NZ)
2013Robin Curtis
2010Grant McDonald (SpeedSport Magazine)
2004Alastair Corbett (Dunlop NZ)
2003Brian Kelly
1998C. Lacey (Car Haulaways Ltd)
1995G. Jackson (Ford Motor Company)
1994R. Morten (Toyota NZ)
1992M. Bloomfielld (Dunlop Auckland)
1980C. Vandendungen (Dunlop NZ)
1979N.O. Steel (Shell Oil Co.)

An award established in 1989 to recognise service and personal contribution of time and effort to motorsport.

Award DateRecipient
2023Adam Simmons
2023Bruce Dyer
2023Chris Watson
2023Dave Robb
2022Andrea Bourhill
2022Malcolm Budd
2022Garth Tyrrell
2022Tony Rutherford
2022Teresa Good
2022Steve Collier
2021Tracey Stringer
2021Barry Leitch
2021Wayne Shieffelbein
2021Alistair Steele
2021Doug Good
2021Craig Holmes
2019Blair Bartels
2019Simon Bell
2019Dave Lee
2019Blair Read
2019Ray Reece
2018Chris Adams
2018Naomi Bray
2018Anne Boyce
2018Helen Cameron
2018Karen Dovey
2018Dom Kalasih
2018Gus McMillan
2018John Rapley
2018Mark Sheehan
2017Wayne Barnard
2017Don Brunt
2017Graham Buchanan
2016Noel Beale
2016Donna Elder
2016Bill Lightfoot
2016Janet Phipps
2016Jody Seabright
2015John Armstrong
2015Terry Collier
2015Jill Cowham
2015Karen Paddon
2015Nigel Russell
2014Craig Finlayson
2014Kim Fisher
2014Bevan Gerrard
2014Dennis Green
2014Errol Hewlett
2014Grant Hirst
2014David Loughin
2014Dennis Martin
2014Bryce Platt
2013Ian Bowater
2013Bob Friend
2013Steve Lachman
2013Jeff Scott
2013Paul Walbran
2012Dougal Agnew
2012Steve Foster
2012John Holland
2012Stuart Holmes
2011Rod Bracegirdle
2011Tim Gibbes
2011Richard McMillan
2011Graham Mortensen
2011Wade Paterson
2011Bill Richardson
2011Bruce Sollitt
2011Maurice Thomson
2010Laurie Brenssell
2010Chris Carr
2010Graeme Cornelius
2010Dale Crossley
2010David Kirk
2010Chris Parker
2009Sharyn Cameron
2009Anna Scott
2009Mike Webster
2008John Clunie
2008David Glenn
2008John Wigston
2007Mike Cameron
2007Shayne Harris
2007David Slater
2007Ian Snellgrove
2006Roger Laird
2006Stu Macaskill
2006Trevor Weir
2005Kelvin Booth
2005Barry Voss
2004Barry Higham
2002Ross Cameron
2002Brian Davies
2002Wayne Gair
2002Ray Galt
2001Jan Aydon
2001Chudleigh Haggett
2001Stephanie Harris
2001Norm Oakley
2000Rex Bond
2000Alan Curry
2000Chris Grant
2000Bill Kelly
2000Grant Morrison
1999Bill Brown
1999Wendy Jenks
1997Isobel Boreham
1997Ron Brown
1997Jack Drummond
1997Carl Rabbidge
1996Greg Lancaster
1996Willard Martin
1996John Osborne
1995Graeme (Robbo) Robertson
1995Cam Taylor
1995Alan Woolf
1994Grahame Knight
1993Colin Bunce
1993Keith Speedy
1993Margaret Thompson
1991Ian Keenan
1991Paul King
1991John Pierson
1990Jack Brewer
1990David Hicks
1990Jim Riley
1989Peter Hanna
1989Gerald McKissock

Awarded by the Board of MotorSport NZ in recognition of “outstanding achievement” as and when circumstances demand.  Nominations for the award are usually generated by the Member Clubs and referred on to the Board for final consideration.

Award DateRecipient
2016Shepherd family
2015Richard and Sara Mason
2014Mad Mike Whiddett
2010Craig Baird, MNZM
2001Kevin Hocken

An award to recognise longstanding and exemplary contribution to the sport from the corporate sector of the community.

Award DateRecipient
2023Dayle ITM
2014Hella NZ
2013Subaru NZ Ltd
2013BNT Automotive Ltd
2000Bridgestone Firestone Ltd
1995Rothmans of Pall Mall
1995Toyota NZ Ltd
1994Ford Motor Company NZ Ltd
1994South Pacific Tyres NZ Ltd
1994Shell NZ Ltd
1994W.D. & H.O. Wills NZ Ltd

MotorSport NZ with this Special Award recognises a pivotal role in the contribution to the sport.

Award DateRecipient
2018Grant McDonald
2018Dennis Martin
2017Reg Cook
2017Andrew Hawkeswood
2017Project 64
2016Patricia Snellgrove
2014PJ Johnston
2013Brian Green
2012Toyota NZ Ltd
2011Academy of Sport: South Island
2011Otago University School of Physical Education
2010Alastair Corbett
2010Ken Smith, MBE
2010Dr Bruce Stewart
2007Colin Giltrap

Introduced in 2012 to acknowledge the importance of our volunteers and the contribution these people make behind the scenes.

Award DateRecipient
2023Steven Hansen
2022Lenard McLeod
2021Jim Anderson
2020Jo Maulder
2019Wayne Hughes
2018Hokimoana Tawa
2017Shane Arundel
2016Ben Aro
2015Allan and Sue Baird
2014Allan Coker
2013Lara Herbert
2012Deborah Day

Established in 2014 in recognition of services to Historic and Classic racing and rallying.

Award DateRecipient
2023Ron Robertson
2023Terry Rush
2022Mo Larsen
2022Jack Nazer
2022Tony Teesdale
2022Bruce Herbert
2021Paul Adams
2021Kevin Lancaster
2021Jim Donald
2021Allan Dick
2021Alistair Caldwell
2021Michael Clark
2019Jeff Judd
2019Barry Keen
2019Murray O'Donnell
2019Dave Simpson
2019Tony Sircombe (UK)
2019Peter Sundberg
2018Jamie Aislabie
2018Laurie Brenssell
2018Trevor Crowe
2018Kerry Grant
2018Avon Hyde
2018Mike John
2018Joe McAndrew
2018Carl Rabbidge
2018Euan Sarginson
2017Neil Allport
2017Doug Benefield
2017Robin Curtis
2017Mike Fletcher
2017Brian Green
2017Bob Haldane
2017Roger Laird
2017Leo Leonard
2017Mike Marshall
2017Willard Martin
2017Dave McCahon
2017Wayne Murdoch
2017Norman Oakley
2017Hugh & Lloyd Owen
2017Brent Rawstron
2017Blair Robson
2017Jim Scott
2017Gary Smith
2017Malcolm Stewart
2017Murray Thompson
2017Ian Tulloch
2016Phil Kerr
2016Max Rutherford
2016Allan McCall
2016Bill Stone
2016Dennis Marwood
2015John Nicholson
2015Cary Taylor
2015Rob Wilson
2014Eion S. Young
2014Dick Bennetts
2014Paul Fahey
2014Wally Wilmott
2014Ernie Sprague
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