Future Direction for 4WD NZ Rally Championship and 4WD rallying in New Zealand


Draft update 08.08.2014

Important Notes:

The following document is a technical proposal for a nationally developed 4 wheel-drive rally car intended [as a replacement for FIA Group N] that provides a similar specification to the current FIA R5 that is ostensibly able to be ‘self-built’ from locally sourced components.

The draft proposal encompasses the following provisions which initially have been adopted to cater for as wide a customer base as possible although it its envisaged that a number of these provisions may be removed as the category develops or as required in order to achieve parity with existing car categories and/or to gain FIA regional approval.

• Freedom of choice to national or regional build specification
• Freedom of choice to engine capacity (as per engine capacity classes)
• Freedom of choice to many component parts
• Freedom of choice to source of component parts

The regulations are written primarily for national competitions although include a number of alternative specifications that are envisaged to enable a ‘Nationally Homologated’ car to be ‘Regionally Approved’ for international competitions in the Asia Pacific region.

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Super 4WD Rally Cars

Motorsport NZ with the support of the Rally Commission, having received the detailed work of the Rally Technical Working Group together with other relevant information, confirm the future direction of the 4WD NZ Rally Championship for 2015 and beyond as follows.

Note: Existing 2WD categories (FIA R1, R2, R3/ Open 2WD/ Historic) will continue unchanged.

That the NZ Rally Championship 4WD class be categorised in two divisions:

Category 1

  • Cars compliant with the Technical Regulations (outlined below) for Super 4WD Rally Cars – Group NZ (name to be confirmed)
  • Cars respecting their FIA Homologation for GpN, S2000, R4, R5 (R5 to be confirmed subject to performance equity) and Regional Homologation by another ASN, in all respects excluding Fuel Type & Electronic Engine Management Control System.

Category 2

  • Cars complying with Schedule “A” and the Performance Parity Schedule detailed below.

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